...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel - News Article Shapiro told the New York Post he feared for his life until the IDF permitted him to leave the compound on Sunday morning, after he ate a sparse breakfast of bread and cheese with Arafat.

"We expected at any moment a shell would come through the wall. There was nothing we could do about it," he told the New York Post.

United Press International: Boise to be test target for Marine snoops "We are looking at the urban environment because we know no military can beat the U.S. military in an open battle space," said Jenny Holbert, spokeswoman for the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. "We proved that in Desert Storm, but now there is an >_increased likelihood our enemies will fight us in foreign cities._< Cities are complex, difficult environments where our techniques may not be as effective."

{doesn't that...? I mean...well, don't you have to, you know, GO there? To fight in a foreign city, where your enemy would presumably be LIVING? So then isn't that what they used to call an INVASION?}

Poetry Daily: Today's Poem
and even mistake the birdlime for the Milky Way
or one drop of water in the sunlight
for one of the late afternoons, though nothing I know
will save them even though their eggs are like steel,
even though their guards are wise; whereas I
still am struggling, I with the soft egg, I
with the infantile presidents. You should see me
explaining things to them, below the bridge...

Gerald Stern

Good Photon! Yet until recently there was one thing we couldn't do with light: pause it. Stopping light in its tracks and releasing it again unchanged was beyond human ken.
But now scientists have figured out how to do even that.
Last year, physicists at Harvard University shined a laser beam into a glass cell filled with atomic vapors. The light went in, but it didn't come out again. It was not destroyed or absorbed, but rather stored -- ready to emerge intact at the scientists' bidding.

Wildlife Sounds {do this}

dirty beloved this is where I put most of the art stuff mostly most of the time

DNF - Danish photography {why is it still surprising to see these faces and know there were those of us even then and doesn't it say yes all the way back if we are here now what we are was here then and haven't those links been attacked repeatedly with increasing fire and isn't that what is so wrong now? that we've lost that connecton? or feel that we have?}

A Brief Photgraphic History precisely that

bykort 1853 Copenhagen

The Royal Library - Treasures {four men of varying height}

The O An early view of Great Victoria Street railway station, Belfast. The terminus opened in 1839 and was originally known as Glengall Place

Online Services of Europe's National Libraries
{some of these links go up and seem so small this is huge. this is an effort of incomprehensible magnitude. and yet it can be comprehended in general outline. the furthering online digitalisation of a consortium of Europe's National Libraries. this is the cortex the cerebellum the medulla oblongata of western mind}

NEA Explore: Keynote Address by Michael M. Kaiser Like other arts organizations, we closed the Kennedy center on September 11th, canceling one performance. But we reopened on the 12th. Our chamber music and opera performances were filled.

NEA Explore: Keynote Address by Michael M. Kaiser
National Council on the Arts 144th Meeting
Keynote Address by Michael M. Kaiser
President, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Having spent the better part of my career working with troubled arts organizations, I have observed that the actions taken by most boards and staffs to address financial challenges tend to make matters worse rather than better and initiate a vicious cycle that is powerful and difficult to escape.
Most arts organizations that face fiscal shortfalls react to these crises by cutting back on expenditures. This makes sense. But the costs they most commonly cut are two discretionary expenditures - artistic initiatives and marketing. These cuts tend to create the least short-term disruption and do not require firing anyone.
Yet it is these two very activities that encourage income flow to the arts. Donors and ticket buyers are attracted to exciting artistic ventures and the marketing that explains these new initiatives.
Organizations that cut back on these two areas typically see revenue shrink further. This leads to more cutbacks and worse fiscal results.

Ten Pound Island Light {Charles Olson can see!}

African Collections That part of Africa, known by the name of Guinea, to which the trade for slaves is carried on, extends along the coast above 3400 miles, from the Senegal to Angola, and includes a variety of kingdoms. Of these the most considerable is the kingdom of Benen, both as to extent and wealth, the richness and cultivation of the soil, the power of its king, and the number and warlike disposition of the inhabitants. It is situated nearly under the line, and extends along the coast about 170 miles, but runs back into the interior part of Africa to a distance hitherto I believe unexplored by any traveller; and seems only terminated at length by the empire of Abyssinia, near 1500 miles from its beginning. This kingdom is divided into many provinces or districts: in one of the most remote and fertile of which, called Eboe, I was born, in the year 1745, in a charming fruitful vale, named Essaka. The distance of this province from the capital of Benin and the sea coast must be very considerable; for I had never heard of white men or Europeans, nor of the sea: and our subjection to the king of Benin was little more than nominal; for every transaction of the government, as far as my slender observation extended, was conducted by the chiefs or elders of the place

Youghal Light IPL Exhibit Hall This harbour light, built of granite, sits on the western shore at the mouth of the River Blackwater where it opens into Youghal Bay. It is built on the site of the old Convent of St Anne "light tower" that had been kept burning by the nuns for over 350 years from 1190 to 1542
{and there for all the blood and selfishness for all the idiotic superstition and golden eunuch greed is the heart of my heart as it holds still there in the hands of the nuns. The nuns. In the dark of a thousand years back who can imagine this? in the 12th century the nuns keeping the light's fire burning. a warning to all in that sea. that is the prayer that is all the prayers that is the light still burning far and away beyond the corrupt stinking cesspool of this age this time where everything innocent is raped where anything pure is mocked and violated where cruelty breeds itself in the children of greatest ease and luxury and brutality in the children of rawest poverty.}

South Rock

Mizen Head Light IPL Exhibit Hall Eire most SW

Rock Around The World from the 1970's.

Point Sur Light IPL Exhibit Hall Originally equipped with a first-order Fresnel lens, it now houses two rotating aero beacons. Point Sur is the location of the crash of the Navy dirigible Macon when it was struck by a squall in 1935. Keeper Thomas Henderson was watching the ship through binoculars when it crashed. {from a site of maybe ALL THE LIGHTHOUSES EVER}

{I want one for my very own}

centrality audiolabia in. here.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Audio{so far so thrilling}

Taming The Data / The Internet Archive searches for a way to turn a morass into a resource Our goal is to change the concept of a library, turning it from this big old building with a bunch of dusty books into something that's much more a part of everyone's lives. We have the technology to do that. Now all we need is the tools to make it accessible and useful."

Jordan Times: Sunday, March 31, 2002 the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank the tank

Reuters | Breaking News from Around the Globe Arafat, his pistol at his side in a building meters away from the shooting, has said he would rather die than surrender to a siege which Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says is intended to isolate the Palestinian leader and end suicide attacks.

{this is reported with a straight face in mainstream media. Sharon says what? Isolating Arafat will end the Palestinian suicide bombings? What? And like little yappy dogs the journals churn out this nonsense and we all slide a little further into the ditch. But wait. It's not a ditch.}

Guardian Unlimited Books | Extracts | White frights And why isn't Congress trying to ban the scary and offensive lyrics of Johnny Cash ("I shot a man in Reno/just to watch him die"), the Dixie Chicks ("Earl had to die"), or Bruce Springsteen ("I killed everything in my path/I can't say that I'm sorry for the things that we done").
Why the focus on rap lyrics? Why doesn't the media print lyrics such as the following, and tell the truth? "I sold bottles of sorrow, then chose poems and novels" (Wu-Tang Clan); "People use yo' brain to gain" (Ice Cube); "A poor single mother on welfare... tell me how ya did it" (Tupac Shakur); "I'm trying to change my life, see I don't wanna die a sinner" (Master P).


Straight Dope Message Board
3 statisticians are out bowhunting. They spot a deer. The first one shoots, and his arrow lands 3 feet to the right of the deer. The second one shoots, and his arrow lands 3 feet to the left of the deer. The third one says, "We got him!"

Straight Dope Message Board -
What did the Buddhist monk say to the hot dog vendor?

"Make me one with everything."

And the monk gets his hot dog and gives the vendor a $20 bill.
The vendor just puts it in his pocket, so the monk says, "Hey, where's my change?"
The hot dog vendor says, "Change comes from within."

NEWS of the WEIRD A State University of New York at Buffalo professor, in a recent ecology journal, expressed confidence that eventually butterflies could be genetically altered to permit advertising logos and other designs on their wings. And in March, the British video game company, Acclaim Entertainment, announced it would "raise advertising to a new level" by offering to pay relatives of the deceased a fee if it could put small billboards on gravestones. [Trends in Ecology & Evolution-Chicago Sun-Times, 3-13-02] [The Guardian (London), 3-15-02]

From the Files of Mike Mailway Experienced jungle hunters say the tiger always kills from behind. It won't attack if it sees you looking at it, and if you fall face up so you can look straight at it, it won't eat you.

Business 2.0 - The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business

SHIFT{ nippon girls but like the Dogon Spa links it's the background. see the weeds in the lot feel the sun. I can...}

OJR article: Preparing for the Coming Era of Participatory News We could capture the future in a nutshell. The future is creating an expansive, new universe for news. It is changing the way news happens, to whom it happens, and how it happens. To find its place in the future, news organizations must first recognize that everyone seeks an experience they can become a part of. News comes from all directions, as in a dream. Today's news organizations seem lost in the dream, strangely asleep.
{maybe because like a lot of people do, when the threat is not too imminent it's blocked? knowledge of it is blocked? that news is a bagpipe in the hands of treacherous knaves? mainstream media news that is. }

Nuclear Waste Transportation Routes - U.S.
head out on the highway!

lookin for adventure!


From the Files of a Southern Dissident's LiveJournal Bush this week decreed that all nuclear waste is to be moved to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. You may shrug and say, "Sucks for Nevada," but if you live anywhere near an interstate highway--as most of us do--you're about to be in near proximity to hundreds of thousands of tons of waste-plutonium. Not only that. Terrorists are about to acquire hundreds of thousands of new targets, new potential weapons in the form of trucks hauling casks of plutonium, one of the most poisonous and volatile substances known to man.

{a series of 'accidents'? an excuse to deploy? demonic possession? is this really happening?}

Yahoo! News - Photo
suicide girl


Oliver Sacks home page {this guy and John McPhee were the post and beam of the elegant shelter the New Yorker was for me}

Periodic Landscapes landscapes based on the elements in the periodic table {via Oliver Sacks homepage

Remove Tarnish from Silver The tarnish-removal method used in this experiment uses a chemical reaction to convert the silver sulfide back into silver. This does not remove any of the silver. Many metals in addition to silver form compounds with sulfur. Some of them have a greater affinity for sulfur than silver does. Aluminum is such a metal

Artists Forum This is how I came upon my current project, an exploration of night as seen through a car's windshield. In a few years, the highway power cartel will replace the greenish mercury-vapor and pink sodium-vapor streetlights that dominate my work with sun-like halide bulbs, once again altering our nocturnal world (and my palette). My goal is to get my present experience down on canvas before it disappears.

Shiki's last three Haiku
{Shiki's last haiku:
counting twelve liters of phlegm
and all of it his}

the drum tower at Dogo Spa

Dogo Spa

Jordan Times: Friday-Saturday, March 29-30, 2002suicide boy

The Threepenny Review "For literature in the traditional sense to continue in America, we must continue to have serious, eccentric, imaginative magazines. The Threepenny Review is one of the few, one of the very best. Therefore indispensable."
�Susan Sontag

The New Sandy L-H
{there was this cloud of nervousness when the whole psychedelic rise was strongest. and so much smug satisfaction as we were beaten, yes martha actually beaten, back under the radar. but it's going to get rapidly more and more obvious that our essential point, which was always not that we knew the answers but that the course of this great ship was set straight for the blank edge of the flat world, away from life and love. it will become clearer and clearer that that was true. it's the same logic the scumroyals used on Nicaragua, it didn't work see? it doesn't work see? so desperately firm and smug. but that ticking noise...that color in the light of day that's new, the silence of the wild, it's taken years to get to where I could say this, these are people who would doom us all rather than surrender control, and they have. now these briefest of moments roll by, and they're still in charge still full of shit, still blind and deaf to the sounds of their 'collaterally damaged' victims the smug assholes in their little middleclass forts divorce themselves from the blood and terror their guard dogs create in the rest of the world, and all these years they've pulled it off, til now. and really a little while longer, but every day more wake up, it wasn't drugs that made the drought, it isn't drugs that are melting the south polar ice, etc etc ad nauseum. this is like arguing, seriously, like arguing with someone's dog. while it snarls its bitchy smug warning. useless. and dangerous let's not forget that.
Kesey's on record for so much and just a glancing mention when asked about the burnout thing or whatever you want to call it and he says something to the effect that we were as I said beaten, all the main figures were beaten or arrested which is a form of beating. it's unrecorded how thoroughly that hammer came down. but as I've said elsewhere we're talking about people who would assassinate Allende in Chile for God's sake. and so many others, people who would make war in Southeast Asia to preserve whatever. my point? What the hell do you think they would be willing to do at home? when they were so obviously threatened so heavily. at home? their children? their lawns? their money? Huh? you mindless little drones.
errrhh. ok skip that. but please use your imagination a little. it does mean you have to accept the idea that some intervention was taking place somewhere. but I think that's a little less difficult than it used to be, now isn't it?
my hardest task is to get above the desire for payback, and I owe that concept's place in my heart to Kesey, who said the job is to stop the pain not pass it on. I'm sickened by this article not for the love and sorrow in it, but for the fear that's in it. the fear and the threat unspoken}

Scoobie Davis Online
DRUDGE: Why don�t you�well, you can take over the show and you can do thirty minutes of Enron coverage and we�ll see if you have one damn listener at the end of that thirty minutes.

SCOOBIE: Yes, yes, it�s true�

DRUDGE: Why don�t you try? The floor is yours.

SCOOBIE: Well, I�ll tell you. I especially�

DRUDGE: Go ahead. The floor is yours. You�ve now got thirteen Western states. Proceed, sir.

SCOOBIE: Okay, I think it�s especially newsworthy�your scoop about Ken Lay staying in the Clinton White House, especially when you didn�t bother to retract it and you let others to think that also.




SCOOBIE: (Louder) Helllloooo


SCOOBIE: [this part was muted by Drudge on the radio leading to about four seconds of dead air] Where�s Drudge? Hello. (laughing) There�s no Drudge.

{like I said.... I've never heard anything by the son of refdesk just the headlines on his blog. which makes me wonder if he's Jewish to tell you the truth. obviously conservative which I have no problem with,possibly a Jew which I have no problem with either. purporting to be an unbiased news portal? not overtly but there's an element there.
that's the problem. that's how these guys like Limbaugh et al get the dims in line. they purport, without overtly purporting, to be the whole truth and nothing but. which comforts the dims. but it's a lie. they're just filtering the news like all of us do.which like I said I have no problem with exactly. it's the deceptive, the front, the gas of righteousness...}

Poetry Daily: Poetry Archive
A taste for salt I can't outgrow. I wish
I could see snow on Mother's hair; she grieves
That I can't bear a child. At equinox
Our fate embraces us; I ate his seed;
She starved the world; a crown exacts its cost.

Independent Argument These accumulating tragedies have created the suicide bomber. Call him a terrorist, a murderer, a brutal slayer, a vile criminal � it makes no difference to him. He is sick. The whole Palestinian nation has become a sick nation, driven to desperate measures because it sees the world as grossly unfair towards it.
Six Palestinians were killed on Saturday, including a four-year-old child from Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Yet most of the international media barely mentioned it. I wonder how many suicide bombers will come from Rafah to wreak revenge for that child?


Rocky Mountain News: Columnists - Paul Campos If you talk to God," the maverick psychiatrist Thomas Szasz once observed, "that's called 'prayer.' If God talks to you, that's called 'schizophrenia.' " Szasz's point was that the concept of mental illness is deeply problematic, because it is impossible to draw a clear line on the spectrum of human beliefs between those that are merely unorthodox and those that are considered delusions.

Portrait of Thomas Craven Stanton McDonald-Wright's main man

Stanton MacDonald-Wright Oral History Interview Conducted by Betty Hoag 1964 in Paris, for instance, they have nothing Japanese to speak of up there. Chinese? Yes, many phases; and there is much porcelain, but very little else in the way of paintings and that kind of thing. And I became interested in it and I started to study not only that and its philosophy, but when I came back here to this country I studied the Chinese language. And I studied the Chinese language for about five years here. But it's altogether something . . . . I don't believe it is possible for a Western mind to . . . . Well, let's put it this way: I'll quote Jung and say I think it's very dangerous for a Western mind to monkey with Oriental ideas. I don't think it should be monkeyed-with at all.

The Alternative Museum {see these pictures. really see them. feel the wind coming over the low hills smell that dump smell and the cold see how they're bundled up? feel the cold and that nerve thing from hunger from chronic hunger that buzzy thing under the apathy the lethargy that nerve thing that makes it possible to scrabble through the fresh load. hope and the sound of the hydraulics as the tailgate opens}

The Alternative Museum yeah it's foolhardy and there's all kinds of deeper psychological motivations but I would cook him a meal whenever he showed up at my house, cuz he's a brave boy just the same.

The Alternative Museum bitchin photojournalist section. see also David Parker and Kontos and DeCesare and pretty much everybody here

Mus�e des Augustins - Collections - Database - Research Chercher le beaux

LEGO Builder LEGO's!!! online!!

Faron Young nashville heroes and heroines site

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow CHRIS HARRIES, TASMANIA, [to the Australian] - On March 5 The Australian reported that U.S. forces began dropping for the first time deep penetration bombs in an effort to eliminate remnant Taliban fighters. The new bomb technology is designed to transmit shock waves deep into the earth and shatter cave systems that provide underground hideouts. Within 24 hours of that bombing campaign, world media sources independently reported on a significant earthquake in Northern Afghanistan, measuring 6.3 on the open-ended Richter scale. Concerned about a possible connection between these events, I immediately contacted a Washington-based news agency who very kindly undertook a search and followed up with a report quoting an expert seismologist opinion that the quake, untypical of that region, was 'likely to have been triggered by the bombing campaign.�

Josa Saramago: Justice and Democracy Denied Along with the many other issues we should discuss, we need urgently, before it is too late, to encourage an international debate on democracy and the reasons for decline. We need to debate the intervention of citizens in political and social life, and between states and global economic and financial forces.
We need to think about what enhances and what denies democracy; about the right to happiness and dignity; about the woes and hopes of humanity -- about human beings, as individuals or collectively. Self-deceit is the worst of errors. But self-deceit is all around us.

New Scientist Trials of transgenic mustard have already started. "We expect soya, corn and others to follow later," Gokhale says. "It's a technology we cannot stop."

FBI Kids K-5th Grade - About the FBI - History {And here's a a few photographs of our most famous director, J. Edgar Hoover. A private man in a public position.}

Envisat up Scientists hope that the combined results of all Envisat's instruments will provide the most detailed picture yet of the environmental health of Earth. The satellite will monitor the Earth's atmosphere, land, sea and ice.
Envisat was launched from the Kourou spaceport in French Giana on 1 March. Since then, scientists have switched on and calibrated each of Envisat's instruments

Gigeresque Fern { this is why I linked honeyguide. this and his gender diamond essay}

Ellen Goodman: "A Beautiful Mind" distorts the truth This is the award-winning message: In Hollywood, the moviemaker was smeared with the truth. And won anyway

{there's something funny about Drudge. what is it?}

Bobby Muller - speech to the Nobel Laureate Peace Laureates Conference BAN LANDMINES There were more U.S. Marine casualties in Vietnam than there were U.S. Marine casualties in the entire Second World War. When I was in training, they said 85% of us, as junior officers, were going to be casualties. I went out into the field with seven other lieutenants, all of whom were medevacked before me. I lasted eight months before I took a bullet through the chest.

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF)- Bobby Muller's Story Muller found survivors needing medical care, rehabilitative assistance and hope for the future. Deeply affected by the exposure to this tragedy, he decided to work for landmine victims and all victims of war around the world. He established a prosthetic clinic on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, which is now the National Rehabilitation Center for the country, a modern and fully equipped workshop producing more than 140 prostheses and orthoses and 30 wheelchairs each month.


Silicon Valley | 03/27/2002 | Journalistic Pivot Points Dan Gillmor_I was blogging a session on wireless technology, and wrote something about SkyPilot, one of the presenting companies. Duncan Davidson, SkyPilot's CEO, finished his presentation and sat on the podium, reading on his laptop, while other people talked.
Then, in the Q&A, he corrected something I'd written in the blog. In other words, he'd caught this in near-real time and had better information (he should). I immediately posted another paragraph, which began, "I've been corrected...."
Whoa. I'm still not entirely sure what happened. But I do know this. My journey in journalism hit a pivot in that moment. Maybe journalism itself hit a pivot point, as pretentious as that sounds.
All I know for sure is that I'm jazzed that it happened, and I'm going to think about it, hard.

{the moment when self-knowing, self-consciousness first burned through the nervous system, it's like that - gillmor's right. if only there weren't so many other things happening at the same time, but it was probably like that back then too. picture this: cro-magnon dude staring at hand, touching own face, staring at landscape, hand, touch, and the shock of the self reflecting the self, the hall of mirrors of identity opening out and out. and huge predacious mammals roaring in the distance, memories of two nights ago the raid from out of nowhere by who the hell knows who, and winter coming on, and what that meant back then. and on and on. but it does seem hard to hold the persepective right now, a portentous moment. prosthetic merging, and at the same time o jesus washington o god tel aviv, holy shit jerusalem....}

ARTS & FARCES internet : When elephants dance And it�s only going to get worse. Hilary B. Rosen, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) told Congress on 28 February 2001 that the practice of copy-protecting audio CDs would expand in the United States. �If technology can be used to pirate copyrighted content,� Rosen wrote in her response to a Congressional query, �shouldn�t technology likewise be used to protect copyrighted content? Surely, no one can expect copyright owners to ignore what is happening in the marketplace and fail to protect their creative works because some people engage in copying just for their personal use.� Her pal, Michael Eisner, head of Disney, said he was tired of being �finessed� by the technology industry, whatever that means.

{randomly: ok so the grimm brothers never locked up their stuff. no family inherited the patent/copyright whatever. so Disney gets a plotline and a whole tale really they couldn't buy for love or money from the word whores they employ. and that's repeat business there. so they make millions and bazillions off what is essentially what... a dead man's chest? buried treasure? they found the map? but wait, they donated half their gross to societies and associations caring for and nurturing storytellers right? to preserve the holiness of stories. but sadly no. it's all product. and the only sanctity is contract law. which in the christian tradition is a particularly important bugaboo of...that's right kids! Ol' Scratch hisself. God proves time and again to be real flexible where contracts are involved. but the devil gets all wiggy around that dotted line. so ok how about the actual profit margins? webster the dairy farmer even with his 1000 acres and hundreds of moo, he's stuck in the marketplace counting pennies over the expense chart. and it's a constant thing. costs x to produce y. I don't know about movies but it seems like records, sorry CD's aren't frighteningly expensive to create. And aside from a few prominent stars from what I hear music is not rewarded at the source in Mr Eisner's world. No it's metered at the spigot. which is where these graspy little fucks are dancing and howling in pain, or in anticipation thereof. I mean are there titans of the dairy industry? making quadrillion dollar salaries? because milk is sold thruout the land, kids. daily, hourly, by the second. people want it even more than they want their Shania Twain. so how come there's so much monetary splendor in the entertainment industry? well I don't know. is there a little arc a spectrum a whaddayacallit between bread CD's and cocaine? the spread being necessity to fun or something. and oddly enough there's more money the farther you get from necessity. more money for the movers and distributors that is. is that because of regulation or what?
well yeah. as a matter of fact these same spineless greasy fucks would sell bread for the maximum if there wasn't some law in the way of it. same with medicine or anything people wanted. they don't differentiate between necessity and frill you bet. the music the true music of their lives is the sound of termites in the walls of a house. the steady blind scratching of bugs that neither know nor care where they are or what they do.

Coming Soon: Hollywood Versus the Internet and cryptography expert Bruce Schneier puts the matter a little differently: "If you think about it, the content industry does not want people to have computers; they're too powerful, too flexible, and too extensible. They want people to have Internet Entertainment Platforms: televisions, VCRs, game consoles, etc."

Multi-dimensional Human Embryo, Atlas Embryos that might have different ages or sizes can be assigned the same Carnegie stage based on their external appearance because of the natural variation which occurs between individuals.

Flo Control 1 robot cat door This is how it looks if she does. The decision whether to unlatch the door has to be made within about a second - this is how long it typically takes Flo to reach the cat door from this position in front of the light.

Demonstration of embedded URLs in camouflaged Windows Media files

Yahoo! - Insider Trades - MICROSOFT CORP {what seem to be very large amounts of MS stock moving from the upper windows}

Drugs Now Legal If User Is Employed "The new American motto is 'Work Hard, Play Hard,'" Hutchinson said. "Do a few bumps of coke at your gay friend's party. Go to your be-in or your Lollapalooza rave or whatever it's called this year. But you'd better make it in to work on Monday, buddy, or you're going to jail."

Supermodels are lonelier than you think! bottom of page kate moss naked!!!

Google Search: "do not disclose this URL" {some kind of testosterone blog}

Guardian Unlimited Observer | UK News | Thumbs are the new fingers for the GameBoy generation thumbs are the new fingers.'
In Japan, the trend was particularly marked. Plant even found the under-25s referred to themselves as oya yubi sedai - the thumb generation, or thumb tribe.
As their thumbs become stronger and more dexterous, Plant found that the thumb tribe is using its favourite digit for other tasks that are traditionally the finger's job, such as pointing at things or ringing doorbells.

Solar System Simulator this is maybe the most terrifically awe-inspiring >idea

drive. { travelog of tall fellow. he knows that alison from bluishorange. he nailed Eisner, in a public forum, which is why I went here}

Naples Daily News | Special Section: Black Water "Goodness gracious," said Erich Bartels, a biologist with Mote, "seven feet of water and you can't see the bottom." That was in water that is usually postcard turquoise with clear water in the shallow parts. This was mostly blackish green and pea green at smaller depths.

Roadgirl - All Heart and Venom

20 things. 20 people. 20 days. {voyeurs of living neuro warp and weave a skein becomes a thread becomes fabric becomes cloth becomes

ray gun really

Future Horizons inc: Flying Saucers possibliities range from low powered ultra light kit planes to highly sophisticated high speed jet versions. A manned version has not yet been built but is in the planning stages as we speak.

danish life {would anyone else ever understand what it is that brings me to the edge of grief in these pictures? and fills me with warm and glad encouragement simultaneously? my own alienation, sure. but something else something deep in the human experience as fragile as life is, balanced and moving through all the threats that living brings and now so much more leaning on it and there's that landscape too. back to the warming of the ice age and the... well it's there and I love it.}

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow - healt care Access to healt care is just something we do not worry about; sometimes we complain about the waiting lists in some services and the quality of some centers, but I know for sure that if me or my family have a health problem we will be properly assisted. Period. No questions about costs or services included (ranging from pediatry to major sugery, including all types of transplants).

If you want arguments in favour of a "single-payer health system", what about this: it works. An it's working not in some small backwater country, but in one of the top-level economies of the world, the European Union. And we love it: nobody will vote a party even suggesting to downgrade it.

To this respect, it is sometimes shocking to read in your blog/cartoons that some of your opinions are considered "liberal" (intended as deprecative), I guess meaning what we would call here a "left-wing extremist", while in Europe they would be considered just "common sense". For instance:

- National Health Insurance
- No death penalty
- Arms control
- Control of global warming

The Register {a quote from the rabbinically moral M. Eisner on the demonic open source/file sharing thugs skulking out there somewhere. and then of course he's gonna pontificate on the wonderful deals his ilk cut all them shwartzes back in the 50's, not to mention them hillbillies et al.}

on Sigmund Eisner, Michael's grandfather, who taught his father not to steal. Down the generations this has been refined, so now Michael himself says: "I instructed my children that they could not slip a comic book under their shirt and sneak out of the store."

Back with Abe{Lincoln for god's sake}, Eisner says "he undoubtedly would have disdained those who go to sites with names such as Gnutella, Madster, BearShare, Limewire, Swaptor, Morpheus or Rapigator to pilfer the intellectual property of others." Indeed.

From the Files of Mike Mailway Q. During World War II, some male American marines wore skirts, I've read. Who?
A. A battalion of Samoans.
The old Route 66 westbound from Albuquerque started out as a camel trail


Music at Rocket Download lots of stuff dude

Vasin Knoware Products - download Advanced Find and Replace, Advanaced Log Analyzer

Many people I do not know-jon carroll Andrea and Russell Yates were wax figures on the morality stage. Their narrative was knowable; its moral was clear. We must protect our -- wait, the dog-mauling case is heating up. 'Bye, Andrea; go back to being God's secret; we're through with you

WOTR: Charter forests are a sweet deal for loggers and miners, by Michael Anderson With a former timber industry lobbyist calling the shots on national forest policy for the Bush administration, some people are naturally skeptical about the administration's proposal to create "charter forests."
This proposal looks a lot like the latest in a long list of schemes to permit more mining and more livestock grazing, logging, and oil and gas drilling in some of America's most cherished forests.

Denver - Mascot spotlights Indian grievances We see the results of that pain in our children. We see it in the low self-esteem, the high suicide rates and the self-hatred," said Teters, a Spokane Indian. "Those of us on the front lines, we see this as an important issue."

Jordan Times: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 Arab League Secretary General Amr Musa (L) and Lebanese Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammoud (R) attend the opening of the Arab foreign ministers' meeting at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut on Monday

{why are these men unknown in the West?}

Weekly Review - Mar 26, 2002: Harper's Magazine A federation of eunuchs called on the Indian government to stop the forced castration of boys; the organization said that over 100,000 boys aged 10 to 18 are befriended each year by "fake eunuch gurus" who intoxicate them with opium-laced milk before castrating them.

NYPress - Wild Justice - Alexander Cockburn - Vol. 15, Iss. 13 So the U.S. kept Saddam and the embargo in place. On some accounts it was Margaret Thatcher who pushed Bush I into war in 1991. We doubt Tony Blair has equivalent clout, but Bush II could stampede himself, just as his old man did. The antiwar movement had better be ready

Afghan Quake Kills at Least 1,800 A powerful earthquake rocked Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, killing about 1,800 people and injuring 2,000, Afghan officials said Tuesday. The Afghan Defense Ministry said 600 bodies were recovered from villages still shaking from aftershocks

Cintra Wilson Page One . The good news/bad news from Cintra-land is that my column, "Cintra Wilson Feels Your Pain" is no more, having died in the mass grave of the San Francisco Examiner when the New Improved Chronicle labeled it "too wild."

Dansk Ride Forbund

Someone just arrived at my site by searching for "erotic oktoberfest." I want that to happen a lot more. Erotic Oktoberfest, Erotic Oktoberfest, Erotic Oktoberfest.


A Haiku Poem from the Peace Haiku Collection
I entrust
My wish for peace
To this breeze

Tatsuya Hirsaki

A Haiku Poem from the Peace Haiku Collection
What do you do
Except making
World peace?

Yuko Kawasaki

Peace Anti-Nuclear Haiku Poems
by Nagasaki Oshima Junior High 3rd year Students

People madly repeated
"Water, Please.
"Water, Please."
In Nagasaki
Sho Mizushima

UNDERNEWS Progressive Review MICHAEL RUPPERT, FROM THE WILDERNESS - I am working on a two-part series focusing on two ongoing federal grand juries that reveal deep conflicts of interest with John Ashcroft and the Vice President's energy task force. The President is refusing to release information to the public - in spite of a court order - that may reveal criminal activity by both men. Apparently, preventing me from finishing the research for these stories has become a high priority. Sometime between Monday, March 18 and Wednesday March 21 our locked, outside storage area was burglarized. Business records, a computer and other equipment were taken. The effect on our operations has been negligible. But over the last few weeks our website has been attacked by sophisticated hackers on a regular basis. We have been down twice, and on one occasion the hackers took down our entire network, wiping out several hundred sites just to get to us.

Horoscope-Aquarius no wiggle room. Phase out anything you feel lukewarm about. Embrace everything you agree with and believe in with all your heart

nuts and berriesAfter a decade of isolation in the woods with only a bear and a pack of wolves for company Panincic seems to be warming to humankind again. Hikers discovered him last August in an abandoned hamlet where he had been scavenging for nuts and berries, reportedly unaware that Bosnia's war had been over since 1995


The Way of Life and Death Made Manifest
MY soul hath still in remembrance the grievous shakings and rendings that have been in this nation, which entered deep into the bowels of it, and made every heart ache, and every mind astonished.
______________ ______________
Now this I have to say to all; Let every one look to his foundation; for the Lord can arise again; yea, and will arise again, and shake once more; and then the heavens and the earth, which have not a true foundation, cannot but fall. If the earth be not founded upon and settled in righteousness, its present establishment will not stand. If the heavens be not founded upon and settled in truth, they will melt and pass away before the fire of the Lord. There is a spirit that mourneth deeply to the Lord, groaning inwardly, and his ears are open to it, and he will plead the cause of his seed; and the churches and religions wherein the seed of the serpent can live and flourish, shall wither and come to an end. Dust is already become the serpent's food. The spirit of man, in all his exercises of religion, knoweth not the bread of life; but the dead feed upon the dead, and the dead spirit of man loves to have it so. But this cannot continue; for the Lord hath been at work all this while; and when he brings forth the people which he hath been forming, and their religion, the religion of man will appear what it is; and shame and sorrow will be the portion of all who have pleased themselves therein, and trifled away the day of their visitation.

Works of Isaac Penington

ISAIAH 29:24

endometriosis - Information Is having a baby a cure?
Is Endometriosis Cancer?
Is Endometriosis a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

The Mirror Project | lara |narcissism shine deflected

A Corporate Lawyer Speaks Out
1,100 Americans were asked -- which statement do you agree with more strongly?
The first is -- corporations should only be concerned with maximizing profits for shareholders, and if they do, everything will be right with the American economy.
The second is -- in addition to being concerned about shareholders, corporations should be concerned about their employees, the communities in which they operate, and sometimes they should sacrifice the interests of shareholders for the benefit of employees and the communities in which they operate.
Ninety-five percent choose the second.

Fence Magazine |

UNDERNEWS: The daily news service of the Progressive Review, Washington's most unofficial source Granted, workers at the bottom of the economic ladder have few options to begin with, but at some point on the continuum of exploitation, even those options are lost. These workers are unable to walk away.
Human suffering comes in various guises, yet slavery has a distinctive horror that is evident to those of us who have seen it in the flesh. Even when it does not involve beating or other physical torture, it brings about a psychological degradation that often renders victims unable to function in the outside world.

jubilat: Dara Wier
I watched myself go back to being a romance
Between two hellbent cells

Poetry Daily: Today's Poem - Dara Wier
I faded
Away from the faded away pedals, I put up
Finely embroidered silk panels over the
Faces of the statues, I pulled the green
Vacillating amplifier into the hallway,
I swiveled seven of the chains and
Loosened the bolts in the balcony, I went
Into the barn to unlace the cattle and
Overturn the empty buckets, I put the
White flag on the mailbox, I cut the
Telephone wires, I fed the ducks better
Than I usually feed them, I adjusted the


the bunny guys are in here somewhere

Fractures of Unfamiliarity Before rude lingual enforcement
Immerses momentos of dux redux
More given to flux than flight in Shank's aviary
Where no one spits in the beer of slumber
With less reluctance than an attested breeze

{Robert Hunter his grouchy own self}

God Changes Everything . No secular institution could get away with any of this, any more than a secular psychotherapist or family counselor could get away with telling poor mad Andrea Yates what the Protestant evangelist Michael Peter Woroniecki did: that Eve was a witch whose sin required atonement in the form of perfect motherhood and that working mothers are "wicked." -- powered by X-Gate . The driver, called ADVAPI.DLL, enables and controls a range of security functions. If you use Windows, you will find it in the C:\Windows\system directory of your computer.

ADVAPI.DLL works closely with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but will only run crypographic functions that the US governments allows Microsoft to export. That information is bad enough news, from a European point of view. Now, it turns out that ADVAPI will run special programmes inserted and controlled by NSA. As yet, no-one knows what these programmes are, or what they do.

Good Gravy!!!

Wavy's ArtworkWavy Gravy makes goood art work!!

Leo Kottke Related Links{Mr. Kottke humbly, eloquently eulogised John Fahey. To say nothing of Mr. Kottke's own guitar work.}

Freight & Salvage 8/19/01John Fahey is a big part of why I play the guitar, not why so much as why I STILL play the guitar. Why I never stopped.

Harlan Howard Those fortunate enough to number among Harlan�s intimates know he was born and raised on a farm in Michigan, but times were tough for a young farm boy in the years following the Depression, and he began to run the streets of Detroit. He started writing country songs around the age of 12, listening to and loving the Grand Ole Opry, Ernest Tubb and Floyd Tillman

the ABC's of Jihad ( In the twilight of the Cold War, the United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.
The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system's core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books,

WOOMERA Our humanity is obliterated in Woomera, in the concentration camp, by missiles, by nuclear weapons, by toxic waste, by colonisation, by capitalism, by fear and division. - Your Guide to Online Anarchy There is a great deal of confusion among anarchists in terms of what anarchism is and, more importantly, what anarchism is not. It is all

Forum: Dykes to Watch Out For enron through the lens of valorous outsiders

Clayton Brothers - Rob Clayton - Commercial Workthe story of lilith

World ending? Don't worry, be happy! MY EXPERIENCE IS that the world already has all the aphorisms it needs. The problem is not new wisdom; the problem is listening to the same wisdom until we hear it. We will forget it again, but fortunately someone will say it again.

'Waving Man' leaves mourners smiling Though known to the world for waving from the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Oregon Street, his family and friends revealed other ways in which he enriched their lives, such as the large gumbo dinners that "Daddy Joe" would generously share.
They also spoke of his deep love for his late wife, Flora Shade

Expo 67 - Montreal World's Fair This educational Web site attempts to take the visitor for a tour of Expo 67 through text and photographs via a series of click-on (image mapped) maps. While there are several short articles included, there was no attempt to make it a scholarly endeavor

Montreal 1967 Souvenir Pocket Patch # 1


honey speaking of which, work was not so bad in the last couple days. customers behaved themselves. japanese businessman came to window and exposed himself. i told him, over the loudspeaker, "it is generally polite to amuse me only with an erect cock." he ran away. 18 year old kid came to the booth for his birthday. he was gracious and sweet. actually listened when i gave advice. maybe i will be a sex ed teacher when i grow up. he was so grateful.

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan One could not read the pope's words and doubt his dismay. One could not read them without imagining too the anguish behind them. Surely they gave heart to the good priests and seminarians who need to know the pope is on their side; certainly the bad priests, and their protectors in the hierarchy, understood what the pope thinks of them and their actions.

And yet, one must hope the pope's letter was only a beginning, only a prologue to action more grave and definitive.

{somewhere in there is buried a key element of the split - the mentally unhinged break between the spirit and the world. or however you're comfortable describing it. this is a world leader. this is a very serious subject. BUT. this is also an institution and a man who believe in the active presence of evil spirits. and they walk along this thin tightrope line between publicly admitting that and surrendering the bulk of their credibility and influence, or quietly almost secretly doing things like exorcising demons. well? the devil in the sacristy? the therapist or the exorcist? mumbo jumbo or freud? it's these narrow places that don't allow wishy-washy buffet-style spirituality to coexist with scientific and logical thought. and gradually erode the power of these men and their institutions. either the devil is a real and active participant in the affairs of the world or the catholic church is a morally bankrupt institution of cowardly and delusional eunuchs.
so these columnists and commentators themselves tread the same stretched line, because they have to balance the truth of the world as they see it with the powers held by these men and their institutions, can't say bad things about scientology or they'll come around and trash your whole existence. can't criticise the parish priest for molesting your son they'll run you out of the diocese(this happened to my father's family). and eventually it all piles up which is where this subject began. evil is real and'other' or evil is real and 'inner'. or both of course but not accurately. but the 'media' has to give credence not because of the possibility of truth but because of the political power wielded by these institutions. thus the Mormons, a religion of dull-witted nonsense with a great deal of economic power is given deference in this country. and thus it's a big scandal about priests and pedophilia/homosexuality, when this is neither new nor surprising to anyone but the most naive.}

the pepys project at aka cootiesbigblogblobdex

Jesus-With You Always

honey astonishing clarity and risky truth from an unknown woman of slavic descent via that russian/human guy

The Mariana Wrench-russian/human guy blog
What is wrong with you people?!" he cried out in dismay. "Why don't you just masturbate, for Christ's sake?!"
Dead silence fell after his words, followed by a burst of hearty laughter. The Moroccans were rolling on the floor with glee. For the rest of the trip, they pointed fingers at the American and derisively chuckled: "Masturbator!"

California State Parks - Natural Bridges send to invisible friend

ornamentalillness What the heck are they staring at? Haven't they seen a middle-aged woman that doesn't have hair like their mother before? What is the point? And why can't they keep their mouths closed while they know what I mean, that vacant, open-mouthed blank-faced gape with the protruding lips and teeth? Didn't their mothers teach them any manners?

my beloved poilus left New York in the Spring of 1914 with a patient, for the Continent, finally locating at Divonne-Les-Bains, France, near the Swiss border, where they were on August 1st, when war broke out. She immediately began giving her assistance in "Red Cross" work, continuing same until the latter part of November, when she returned with her patient to New York---made a hurried visit to her home in St. John and after Christmas returned to again take up the work which these letters describe.


The Village Voice: Features: Sex in the First Person: Girl From the North Country by Peter Gambaccini That summer, we took up residence in a house on the left bank of the Connecticut River, on whose placid waters the U.S. Men's Olympic rowing team was training. Each morning at 7, Christl and I would wake to the coxswain's call�"Stroke! Stroke!"�approaching from downriver. Each morning, we obeyed that command.

The Village Voice: Features: Sex in the First Person: Doing Time by EKNYC It's gonna be crazy having you home. We've always been shy around each other, even after all these years. I still wake up almost every morning and see your beautiful face, and when I go to sleep, it's you I dream about

The Village Voice: CityState: The Importance of Jimmy Breslin by Tom Robbins Down Eduardo went, so quickly that he made no sound. . . . The third floor fell into the second floor and the second fell into the first and everything fell into the basement. The rear wall blew out, as did a wall that was supposed to be tied to the building. There was a cascade of cinder blocks and metal. What were supposed to be metal beams holding up the floors were as strong as aluminum foil. Eduardo fell face first into three feet of concrete on the basement floor and drowned."
It was a big story in the city for a few days.

Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway This looks like a rather feeble attempt by the neoconservatives, some of whom are ensconced at the American Enterprise Institute, to start up a blacklist. Bennett disagreed. "It's not a blacklist, it is a wrong-list," he said. "We just think that these people are wrongheaded, unhelpful, and misguided. We live in a free country, so we have the right to debate and go back and forth with them. I am sure I am not going to make president Jimmy Carter shut up if I say that I don't agree with him." And he promised the list would grow. "We don't add them," he said cheerfully. "They add themselves."

Lynda the Amazing

New York State Writers Institute - Peter Matthiessen, State Author A year after his election to the National Institute of Arts and Letters (now the American Academy of Arts and Letters) in 1974, Matthiessen published his fifth novel, Far Tortuga. Widely considered to be his most inventive work of fiction, it is experimental in form, consisting mainly of dialogue with varied typographic formats. It relates the doomed voyage of a group of sailors who leave the Cayman Islands to hunt turtles in the Caribbean

Key West Literary Seminar - 2002 Seminar Panelists - Annick Smith She was born in Paris, grew up in Chicago, and has lived for thirty years on a homestead ranch in Montana's Blackfoot River valley. Currently, Smith is working on a novel set in the Grand Canyon and Sitka, Alaska.

The Orion Society
Previous Recipients of
The Orion Society's
John Hay Award

1994 Wendell Berry
1995 E. O. Wilson
1996 Ann Zwinger
1997 Gary Snyder
1998 Jane Goodall
1999 Peter Matthiessen
2000 Homero Aridjis
2001 W.S. Merwin

The KCRA Channel - Accused McNabney Murderer Speaks Out She said that she was afraid to leave the Sacramento lawyer. She said that he used crude vulgarity toward her. She also said that she knows specific dates and places to back up her allegations. She said she could document police reports on the alleged abuse, including a gunshot that was fired into the floor of their home.
{under the newly invigorated, not to say transfused and viagara'ed, patriarchy in its last-ditch effort to persuade the universe to conform to its bizarre and solipsistic imagination, this woman, these women are going to have a long uphill fight. and yet it's so plainly obvious that here is terrorism of the worst order. not religious not political but one dick-headed loser against...against...well.... against nothing at all really. except decency and honesty and mental health. she killed him and he deserved to die. that should be the end of that, but as I said, under the newly invigorated, not to say transfused and viagara'ed.....}

Armed student Meanwhile, the rest of the school was being placed into lockdown. Teachers closed and locked all doors and windows and allowed no one to enter classrooms. Children took cover and waited for an all-clear signal. Lockdown drills are conducted once a month in all of the San Juan schools, said district spokeswoman Deidra Powell.

UNDERNEWS: Progressive Review, Washington's most unofficial source JOHN PILGER, MIRROR, LONDON - Donald Rumsfeld, the Defense Secretary, says he has told the Pentagon to "think the unthinkable." Vice President Dick Cheney, the voice of Bush, has said the US is considering military or other action against "40 to 50 countries" and warns that the new war may last 50 years or more. A Bush adviser, Richard Perle, explained. "(There will be) no stages," he said. "This is total war. We are fighting a variety of enemies. There are lots of them out there . . . If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely, and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy but just wage a total war, our children will sing great songs about us years from now

Poetry Daily: Today's Poem-David Wagoner-How It Will Be
The current
Will darken and brighten, turn warm and cold,
Be suddenly filled with the strange dead
Or the even stranger living, will slow
Or quicken, burn or sweeten, turn salt
Or harden till all but its deepest bed stops moving
Or rises till it blunders over a wilderness
Of flowers and weeds, so broad it doesn't remember
How to be a river and then shrinks

California State Controller's Office dreaming of rescue dreaming of fate dreaming of a roast beef sandwich dreaming of money Jack money

dyslexic epiphany--Lynda Barry she has long since replaced Christina the Astonishing in the rafters of my cathedral

Once I noticed I was on fire, I decided to relax and enjoy the fall. whereas the Magyar horde menaced europe in the 990's AD and the Mongol Empire is 12th century AD) and to some degree technology. The later hordes did not use the chariot, although it is interesting to note that recent discoveries in Scythian tombs in Russia and other, similar tombs in China points to a possible proto-celtic origin to the Scythians...and the Celts did use chariots.
{ed.- someone who closely resembled my father told me that the early Celts were Scythians driven from the steppes into settled europe and thus on through and up and across and in to the last land before iceland} Books | "Jerusalem Calling" by Joel Schalit At the very least, he realizes, they all -- secular Jews and Palestinians and religious Jews -- share the language of struggle. It is a difficult language, one that needs reinterpreting with each wave of violence and moment of peace, but it should not be forgotten.

Signs by English-As-A-Second-Language Writers Persons are prohibited from picking flowers from any but their own graves.

1972-2002: Times, They Are A'Changin'

1972: The Grateful Dead
2002: Dr. Kevorkian
1972: Going to a new, hip joint
2002: Receiving a new hip joint

How Many Students Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb? Quiet! We're studying in the dark

70-year-old twins killed in accidents within hours of each other in Finland The first accident occurred at 9:29 a.m. Tuesday when one of the twins was riding a bike on an icy road at a road junction in Raahe, 370 miles north of the capital, Helsinki, Constable Pauli Ketonen said

Intramural team calls itself 'Fighting Whities' to mock Indian mascot Unable to persuade a school to change a mascot name it considers offensive, a group of American Indian students at the University of Northern Colorado named its intramural basketball team "The Fighting Whities."
The team chose a white man as its mascot to raise awareness of stereotypes that some cultures endure
{this is the ONLY place (sfgate) that mentions the Indin angle. everywhere elese the first hit makes it sound like a bunch of yobs with racist intent}


John Gribbin-In Search of Feynman's Van {with an additional reminiscence by your editor concerning a Christmas afternoon long long ago} He offered to drive me over to find the van as soon as I'd finished at KPCC-FM, and seemed at least as eager as I was to make the pilgrimage. A couple of hours later, we were cruising around the location that Leighton had pointed us towards, stopping to call him on Shermer's car phone for directions each time we got lost. Just as the Sun was setting, we found the repair shop, parked, and walked around the back. There it was. Feynman's van, nose up against the wall, looking slightly battered but still with its decorative paintwork of Feynman diagrams. It had clearly been there for some time, and delicate spring flowers were growing up around its wheels. John Gribbin

{I was living in Pasadena lonely and somewhat bereft the winter of 72-73. I went down the street colorado Blvd it was to a toy store one of those places you could still find in those days full of little novelty items but lots of them and not all just shlocko but cheap and made in like Korea etc Japan etc and I was looking for a little nifty something or other for my ex-girlfriend who for a time had shared with me a collection of robots and anyway she was living at her parents and I was in the apartment we had shared for a few months and I went down to the toy store just before Christmas and I was looking through the aisles and they had these bins you know just chockablock with stuff dumped into em you know like rubber godzillas and and wind-up trucks and over there maybe boxes of roller skates and basketballs and you know on and on and in this one bin I was scratching around through for the perfect figurine and there was this THING. it was a nice deep shade of green. and it was made of some amazing plastic. and it had like a curved well wait it's impossible to describe that way. it was as though you took a circle and no it was as though you took two hemispheres and flattened them out and kept the circle at the equator but made the humps of the poles much flatter so you had like this perfectly round lip and these two sort of mounds and then if you divided that in half lengthwise and spun it half a turn and molded everything together you see I can't describe it but the neat thing was her brother was an engineer in aerospace design and he was amazed by it never seen anything like it it had unique properties and it was so wondrous and I had it a long time til some thug stole all my stuff. it was a gift from someone. who was that? where are they now? what happened?nobody in the store had ever seen it before. the manager was in charge of all the inventory they had and he had never seen it it was the only one in the store and nobody knew what to charge for it so they charged me what the bin price was for the figurines it was like 1.50 or something. I had it til like 76 or 77. I'll never forget that not until everything else is gone too}

Inflationary Cosmology -- Scott Watson Furthermore, inflation also offers an
explanation for the large-scale structure of the universe today. In this way, inflation links the quantum fluctuations
of the early vacuum to the galaxies and clusters observed today. Again the Inner-Space, Outer-Space connection is manifest.

Inflation for Beginners #2 Nobody would ever be able to see what happened at the heart of the black hole; but Roger Penrose, then working at Birkbeck College in London (and later to share the best seller lists briefly with Hawking, with his book The Emperor's New Mind) proved that all the matter inside a black hole must collapse into the singular point, a point of infinite density at which the laws of physics break down

Inflation for Beginners #2 But his most enduring legacy is the series of books he wrote describing the mythical adventures of Mr Tompkins, a mild-mannered bank clerk who has vivid dreams in which he visits the world of the very small, inside the atom, and the world of the very large, the Universe itself. Although they first appeared in the 1940s, they still provide an excellent and entertaining guide to basic physics. Many readers seem to agree -- the collected edition was reprinted in England every single year during the 1980s, and has just been republished in English with a new foreword by Roger Penrose, one of the founding fathers of black hole theory.

Inflation for Beginners #2 But it was Bernhard Riemann, a pupil of Gauss, who put the notion of non-Euclidean geometry on a comprehensive basis in the 1850s, and who realised the possibility of yet another variation on the theme, the geometry that applies on the closed surface of a sphere (including the surface of the Earth). In spherical geometry, the angles of a triangle always add up to more than 180o, and although all "lines of longitude" cross the equator at right angles, and must therefore all be parallel to one another, they all cross each other at the poles.

Inflation for Beginners This has led to some ambiguity in the use of the term "Universe". Some people restrict it to the observable Universe, while others argue that it should be used to refer to all of space and time. If we use "Universe" as the name for our own expanding bubble of spacetime, everything that is in principle visible to our telescopes, then maybe the term "Cosmos" can be used to refer to the entirety of space and time, within which (if the inflationary scenario is correct) there may be an indefinitely large number of other expanding bubbles of spacetime, other universes with which we can never communicate. Cosmologists ought to be happy with the suggestion, since it makes their subject infinitely bigger and therefore infinitely more important!

Inflation for Beginners In effect, new universes bud off from our Universe, and our Universe may itself have budded off from another universe, in a process which had no beginning and will have no end. A variation on this theme suggests that the "budding" process takes place through black holes, and that every time a black hole collapses into a singularity it "bounces" out into another set of spacetime dimensions, creating a new inflationary universe -- this is called the baby universe scenario.
{I told you. hang on}

Inflation for Beginners The idea that the Universe may have appeared out of nothing at all, and contains zero energy overall, was developed by Edward Tryon, of the City University in New York, who suggested in the 1970s, that it might have appeared out of nothing as a so-called vacuum fluctuation, allowed by quantum theory.
{o boy here we go}

here! this is how you do it -- Web Exclusives AR: There's this concept in the contempt of court law that truth is not a defense. So Justice [S. P.] Bharucha, the chief justice, said that 20 percent of India's judiciary is corrupt. But supposing you say that a judge is corrupt and here is the evidence? You're not allowed to say it. You will be put into jail for saying it. Because even if he's corrupt, truth is not a defense. Can you imagine that? It's unbelievable. That's the situation. Because by proving that he's corrupt you're lowering the dignity of the court. So that's what we are saying, that the Supreme Court is the most powerful institution in this country today and the most unaccountable. And even if you don't talk about monetary corruption or political corruption, even if you just look at

The Real Cost of Global Warming - Commentary A recent U.N. report warned that temperatures would spike by up to 10 degrees in the next century, sparking altered ocean currents, increased spread of diseases and numerous natural catastrophes unless governments curb greenhouse gas emissions, the major culprit in the global warming theory.
But within hours of the release of the report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Gallup Organization put out a poll taken last year that says Americans are not ready to overhaul their lives based on studies from the United Nations.
It's not that Americans don't care about the environment, Gallup says. In fact, our fellow citizens are quite concerned about polluted drinking water and the contamination of soil, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
But for now, Americans have concluded that the United Nations has yet to prove its case for global warming, despite press coverage from an unquestioning and often supportive media.
{c'mon Mahk,them niggers ain't ready t'vote man,you know that. they cain't git a education, shit don't stick in ther heads like it does white people, you know that.
well no, as a matter of fact Timmy I don't know that. and what you guys have done here. what you scammy grasping spineless little motherfuckers have done here is just about to be clear to everyone. it's gonna happen this year. and you will be completely and finally done no matter what no matter where it goes afterward. you're finished and you know it.}

19.3.02 Vreeland�s assertions, based upon documentary evidence and continuing court proceedings have steadily been gaining credibility in spite of unfounded and meritless attacks by U.S. media that have failed to address any of the specific documentation in the case.

Jordan Times: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 Two Israeli occupation soldiers watch a Palestinian man with his son passing them in Beit Jala in Bethlehem on Monday (photo by Magnus Johansson/Reuters) The world's richest people
Mar 7th 2002
From The Economist print edition
{I said a long time ago it was like the PX. the army store. it was what people would lean in toward. and they did. boy howdy. no more mom and pop nothing. I just now didn't blog a Ted Nugent site. Back in 71 I worked with his uncle. reading meters for the electric co. his uncle had some cherry rural routes. drive an hour read a meter drive another hour. he was training me. we went to this one place. Fox Canyon. south of Santa Maria. the gate was multi-use. I was living in my truck/camper. my girlfriend would come up to visit, we went out there a couple times. all quiet and still. california summer hills all gold and dry. this is 80-90 miles north of LA. later on we went to europe. later on maybe 73 or so I went down there on my way to LA. stopped over in Fox Canyon. there was a three foot wide oil pipeline right down the middle of it. fuck off Ted.}

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So, bring it on.

Commercial fishermen demand answers to 'black water' mystery Commercial fishermen along the Southwest Florida coast are reporting a massive dead zone that is almost devoid of marine life in an area of the Gulf of Mexico traditionally known as a rich fishing ground.

Novelist Arundhati Roy Convicted of Contempt Opponents of the project say it will harm small farmers and displace tens of thousands of villagers. Roy donated her Booker Prize winnings � about $30,000 � to the campaign against the dam. News | The Greatest Vendetta on Earth Kaplan testified. "I was told [by the circus veterinarian] ... that about half of the elephants in each of the shows had tuberculosis and that the tuberculosis was an easily transmitted disease to individuals, to human beings. The circus, the elephants, were transported all throughout Florida, which is illegal to do that in the State of Florida."
Later, he said, "I was asked by Chuck [Smith], through Kenneth [Feld], to find a physician who would test the people on the circus to see if they had tuberculosis but who would destroy the records and not turn them into the Centers for Disease Control." News | The Greatest Vendetta on Earth One day in March 1997, Smith ordered a young gofer to gather up and destroy the tapes. At the same time, Smith asked him to go to his -- Smith's -- erstwhile girlfriend's house and bring back a Jeep he'd given her. But the gofer got his instructions mixed up and instead delivered the bag of tapes to Smith's girlfriend. ("He's a nice boy," Kaplan said of the young man in his deposition, "but rowing with one oar out of the water.")
Smith panicked when he heard what happened. But it was too late. The girlfriend had called the Fairfax cops, who launched an investigation. So did the FBI, three sources said. The tapes they found had recorded Smith's own voice telling Kaplan on the phone, "We have got to get, you know, the wires, man News | The Greatest Vendetta on Earth As a whole, the filings, motions, rulings, depositions, affidavits and exhibits evoke "The Spanish Prisoner," David Mamet's 1997 portrait of deception and paranoia. In stomach-turning detail, the documents describe how Ken Feld, Charles Smith, Claire George and a mysterious cabal of still-unknown dirty tricksters with close connections to the CIA were deployed to act as Jan Pottker's personal gremlins, without her ever having a clue about why so many things in her life were going wrong

Chandry Levy__Dominick Dunne Dunne said he was contacted this fall by a world-renowned American "horse whisperer," someone who helps prepare racehorses for Middle Eastern businessmen. He said the horse expert met an impeccably dressed, well-connected Middle Eastern man this summer who claimed to have seen Levy being put on a plane after her disappearance.
Described as a "procurer" of young women for Middle Eastern diplomats in Washington, the man told the horse expert that on or after April 30, he saw Levy being put on a private jet, surrounded by five men, "but she wasn't walking."

Spooks, Saudis, 911 And Florida In a curious aside, respected writer Dominick Dunne last week reported that a source "who helps prepare racehorses for Middle Eastern businessmen" (in Lexington Kentucky?) had told him that Rep. Gary Condit was a frequent guest at the Middle Eastern embassies in Washington "where young women would be brought for "nocturnal pleasures."
The procurer supposedly told Dunne's contact that some time before April 30, Condit confided to one of his Middle Eastern friends that he had been involved with a woman and wanted to end it, but that she was "threatening to talk."

Levy may have stumbled into a noxious ring of prostitution, sex slaves and Middle Eastern sheiks in Washington, D.C., said the story, which might have contributed to her disappearance

BBC: DID BUSH TURN A BLIND EYE TO TERRORISM? Newsnight has uncovered a long history of shadowy connections between the State Department, the CIA and the Saudis. The former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah is Michael Springman.
In Saudi Arabia I was repeatedly ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These were, essentially, people who had no ties either to Saudi Arabia or to their own country. I complained bitterly at the time there. I returned to the US, I complained to the State Dept here, to the General Accounting Office, to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and to the Inspector General's office. I was met with silence.

By now, Bush Sr, once CIA director, was in the White House. Springman was shocked to find this wasn't visa fraud. Rather, State and CIA were playing "the Great Game".

What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets.

Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus The former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah from 1987 to 1989, Michael Springman, told BBC Newsnight: "In Saudi Arabia I was repeatedly ordered by high-level State Department officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants."

Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus According to a recent two-part story in Salon magazine, circus owner Kenneth Feld hired former top CIA honcho Clair George to torment a hapless freelance writer for eight years because she wanted to write a book about his family.
The head of Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus farmed out a covert op which put top Agency operatives on the payroll, just to torment a writer.

water and glass heroes are made not born

Free Pint No.106 - Bar Browser, Personal News and Entrepreneurs The Prince's Trust was founded by
the Prince of Wales in 1976. One of its aims is to help young people
in the UK between the ages of 18-30, who want to start their own
business. The trust can help with loans, grants and arrange for young
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Although there's no specific information on how to start your own
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you are eligible for its support.

Animal Planet - Rhinoceros Revealed - Species Gallery In the 1970s, with a population of 15,000, they were the most numerous of all rhino species. Then they were periodically wiped out in most of central Africa, suffering an 85 percent decline. Today, their numbers have stabilized at 2,520.

smita paul-tigress She was napping in the brush when we came across her, deep in the Kahna National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. As we approached on elephants, she took a few minutes to size us up and then left to hide herself in the foliage. But even seeing her for those few moments was a dream come true.

Animal Planet - Rhinoceros Revealed The Rhinoceros has survived on Earth for more than 50 million years, yet this ancient species has been almost wiped out entirely in the past 50. Once, an array of rhinos � including the largest land mammal that ever lived � roamed throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. Now, only five species remain, and all are considered among the world's most vulnerable creatures

Online diarists rule an Internet strewn with failed dot-coms As the digital revolution enters a new phase, one based on diminished expectations and dwindling corporate investment, grass-roots intermediaries may have a__- moment-__ to redefine the public perception of new media and to expand their influence

Animated Engines Two Stroke Cycle This, coupled with their lighter, simpler construction, makes two stroke engines popular in chainsaws, line trimmers, outboard motors, snowmobiles, jet-skis, light motorcycles, and model airplanes. Unfortunately most two stroke engines are inefficient and are terrible polluters due to the amount of unspent fuel that escapes through the exhaust port.
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The next shelf to the south, the Larsen C, is very near its stability limit, and may start to recede in coming decades if the warming trend continues," he said. "More importantly, regions of the giant "Ross Ice Shelf are just a few degrees Celsius away from being overtaken by the same processes that have destroyed the Larsen."

UNDERNEWS: The daily news service of the Progressive Review, Washington's most unofficial source Furthermore, an investigation by the BBC's Country File and the Independent has revealed research, to be published this month, that shows that artificial oestrogens, used in contraceptive pills and emitted through sewage works, appear to be changing the sex of half the fish in Britain's lowland rivers. Scientists and environmentalists fear that the powerful chemicals are getting into drinking water and affecting human fertility. One third of Britain's drinking water comes from rivers; most of it is taken from below sewage works

UNDERNEWS: The daily news service of the Progressive Review, Washington's most unofficial source Percent of Americans who approve of
Random mail searches 57%
Random car searches 62%
Telephone eavesdropping 24%
Video surveillance of public places 79%
Regular roadblocks for searches 52%

'IMF Go To Hell' But there is reason to pay attention. The asambleas are also talking about how to kick-start local industries and renationalize assets. And they could go even further. Argentina, as the obedient pupil for decades, miserably failed by its IMF professors, shouldn't be begging for loans; it should be demanding reparations.
The IMF had its chance to run Argentina. Now, it's the people's turn.

CounterPunch-Fran Shor However, beyond whatever contributing factor her husband's neglect played, Andrea Yates was tormented and goaded by another man, a so-called religious adviser. Representing the worst side of punitive and patriarchal religion, this man condemned Yates's children to hell-fire and damnation. Reinforcing the paranoia and isolation Andrea Yates already felt in the madness of her nuclear family, this rabid preacher administered an even stronger drug than those Yates was taking for her diagnosed psychological condition.



interesting, but misleading David continues: "Every year, the claims that are made by proponents shrink as our horizons of measurement advance. A field that once purported to find treasures, cure illnesses, convey infinite energy and speak with the dead ..."
Nonsense. This confuses scientific investigation with what Madame Zodiac does for a living. Scientists and scholars who study these perplexing human experiences do not make their living by claiming to find treasure, cure illness, or "convey infinite energy," whatever that means. This is like confusing ornithologists with birds.

XXXY" is a stirring portrait of two
intersex individuals born with
ambiguous genitalia and their
struggle against the medical
establishment and society's enforced
gender system.

Alice Dreger_People @ Lyman Briggs School My major work has been on intersexuality (hermaphroditism). Related projects include investigations into conjoined ("Siamese") twinning, cleft palates, genetic therapies, and the question of who "owns" unusual anatomies.

NoF 20010609 - a futurist website
View two important intersex films online at PlanetOut. Go to, click PopcornQ Movies, click PlanetOut Short Movie Awards.
Borderline is the trailer for a work in progress by Lisset Barcellos
and Rafael Dumett. Lisett is herself intersexed, and her affidavit
was an important element of ISNA's amicus brief to the Constitutional
Court of Colombia, resulting in historic human rights protections for
intersex children. See also "La Verdad por Favor" .

Genital Surgery On Intersexed Children Genital Surgery On Intersexed Children
This letter was sent from Cheryl Chase, Exec. Dir., Intersex Society of North America to a judge in Columbia, South America.

La verdad por faor Mi madre me ha dicho que cada vez que ella o usted intentaban hablar conmigo al respecto despu�s de la operaci�n, yo me negaba. Entiendo que �sta haya podido ser la reacci�n normal de una ni�a avergonzada que, en el caso de la clitorectom�a, antes de la operaci�n disfrutaba masturb�ndose (excitando su cl�toris) y que un d�a despert� sin �l, que se sinti� probablemente castigada en su cuerpo por haberse procurado placer de una manera que en su familia era considerada pecaminosa.

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