...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



The principle derives from the idea that the Planck length, the length scale where quantum mechanics begins to dominate classical gravity, is one side of an area that can hold only about one bit of information.

Mike Griffin ........... Business Development

{this is the SECOND time in two weeks.the other was a coffee expert dude from the Sweet Maria's website. what does it mean? what does it mean? it means you have a fairly common name is what it means}

Napster has grown with unprecedented speed. First available in 1999, its software has now been downloaded over 71 million times. Its appeal is broad � though designed by a college student and popular with teenagers, half of its users are over 30 years old, and they are evenly divided between men and women. Its peak of 1.8 million simultaneous users is within striking range of AOL's reported peak of 2.2 million simultaneous users. And its more than 10 million hits from unique addresses per day is significantly greater than the fewer than 7 million unique address visits that eBay and the Walt Disney Internet Group attract per week.
{Jim Griffin (evolab)before the Senate

{That Brand, that Stewart Brand character. At it again. More than any one else who was there,and there were many, and many still among us, he embodies the next move after psychedelic revelation. After the pancake breakfast. After the twinkling exhalations. When it's time to do something with all that was given. Humble arrogance of limitless imaginative endeavour. Dialled right to the fractal edge of the possible.}
What if your investment portfolio tanks? The Farsight Fund portfolio at Capital Research, which holds all the Long Bets stakes, is carefully designed NOT to tank, and also to take advantage of its very-long-term schedule� it can ignore market oscillations that would upset other funds. The portfolio is more global than most, so it can also ignore local economic oscillations. There is always the possibility that civilization as a whole could tank, and then probably the Farsight Fund would go down with it. On the other hand, The Long Now Foundation is building tools to manage civilizational breakdown, and maybe it could devise some sort of device or system to provide value continuity. Suggestions welcome.

gillmor at foresight

ASL Fingerspelling Conversion bring it in

bird-head manwitch Croatoan RoanokeJohn White is long gone now

Which High School Stereotype are you?

Everyone keeps hitting on me. Cannot cope. Off to Mordor.
{this is why blogging. this is what. not the long term economic goals and bottom lines. the link to real human presence. come what may.}


cool sweet australian girl

memories are made of this

password no password

GW: Can you say a word or two about how the trade is organized?

WS: Pretty much along the same lines as most other collectibles, though each dealer may have his own reference system. I organize my offerings first by physical category - fingers, skulls, brain matter, blood samples, eyes, whatever - and then by historical or cultural category - American Presidents, Movie Stars, Nazis, Outlaws and so on. As in any market, the quality material pretty much sells itself. And the rest, as we say, is best left to the birds.

GW: I wasn't aware that eyes were part of the trade....

WS: Oh yes. Eyes are a very substantial market. In the case over here, for example, I have a number of outstanding eyes bought from the estate of a deceased client: along the top shelf, up there, there are single eyes from Charlie Chaplin, Charles Dickens, and Charles Lindberg, I call them the three Charlies, and an unauthenticated but highly possible complete set from Edgar Allan Poe. Worth a fortune and a half, if the tests come back positive.


memory leaks

canadian smartass funny guy

from here

like a metablog thing only filtered by ego

"The sight of the thing is beginning to annoy me," Flaubert told his niece. "But I'm keeping him there, to fill my mind with the idea of parrothood."
(New Yorker 5/06/02)
"Flaubert: A Life" by Geoffrey Wall

What has mind to do with this, when the earth is bereaved?

I lie, with my dear ones, holding a fictive umbrella,
while around us falls the real and acid rain.
The handle grows heavier and heavier in my hand.
Unlike life, tomorrow night under the bedlamp
by a quick link of thought someone will find out why,
and the policemen and their wives and I will feel better.

Mona Van Duyn


soft but effective
tone holes have to be widely spaced, better have big hands or be able to come up with some kind of rudimentary key system

Silk Road Project Links to Instruments Kereshmeh Records presents photographs and descriptions of various Persian instruments including the kamancheh and ney. Persian music CDs are available to order. Also listen to soundbites online.

Greene Out as President of Grammys Greene's exit marks the end of an era at the Grammys--a nonprofit organization that had become inextricably linked to his own strong personality. His compensation package last year exceeded $2 million--nearly four times what the academy's philanthropic arm dispersed to indigent artists--and his job perquisites included an annual membership in the exclusive Bel-Air Country Club and a leased Mercedes sedan.
{thank God some news of current events that doesn't involve Jews. just indigent musicians.}


see these

A majority of the nation's biologists are convinced that a "mass extinction" of plants and animals is underway that poses a major threat to humans in the next century, yet most Americans are only dimly aware of the problem, a poll says.

The rapid disappearance of species was ranked as one of the planet's gravest environmental worries, surpassing pollution, global warming and the thinning of the ozone layer, according to the survey of 400 scientists commissioned by New York's American Museum of Natural History.
four year old article

Margaret Beckett, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, said: "In recent years more and more people have accepted that climate change is happening and will affect the lives of our children and grandchildren. I fear we need to start worrying about ourselves as well."


History of the Onion There are onion varieties for every climate and latitude, large and small, hot and sweet, ready to eat and storage types. So many varieties, so many producing areas. There should never be a time when onions cannot be found in any supermarket.

Miracle and wonder: the men in the garden The president of the United States says that he is in a battle between good and evil, and so he is, and so are we all. We do not, however, enter this conflict as a nation; we enter it as individual spiritual beings. Sometimes we have a guidebook that may have been written by God; sometimes we have only nuance and the charity in our hearts.
Watch the footage from Jerusalem and Ramallah -- have you ever seen greater sorrow? Watch Donald Rumsfeld at a news conference. Have you ever seen a happier man?

Prostitution Issues: Indian Prostitutes Organize for Their Rights Banerjee interviewed prostitutes associated with this protest. Onewoman, Malati Dassaid spoke of working very long hours and spending nightsin damp jails because she had not paid "protection money" to policemen who demanded bribes.

"We want the right to regulate our own lives both within the profession and outside," Das shouted as she led the march. "They (police) often humiliate us and torture us," said SandhyaMukherjee, the secretary of the Mahila Samanwaya Committee (MSC), orwomen's cooperative committee, a voluntary organization formed by prostitutes at Sonagachi. Life | What's so bad about good sex? she also left me room to explore my sexuality. And as a result, I made some mistakes, and I recovered from them. But I do think what she and my father gave me were the tools to make good decisions and to be a moral person in the world, and that stood me well.

She celebrated her 15th birthday three days before the Israeli tanks moved into Jenin city on April 3. As a gift her father, Jamal, a welder, gave her a pen and with it she wrote a diary recording how she and her family survived the next two weeks.
By the end of that ordeal, she told me that she no longer wanted to be a teacher, or a nurse, but in her desperation wanted to be an amalieh Esteshhadieh, a suicide bomber on a martyr�s mission. She begins crying as she says this, but continues: �All of my friends want to be one. Maybe if the Israelis left, I would want to do something else�. Life | What's so bad about good sex? In the United States, if we were to have such a law, it might not begin as young as 12; we may not say 16 is the age of consent. But the really important principles underlying that law are the two most important principles, in my opinion, that one must consider in dealing with childhood sexuality: On the one hand, it respects that teenagers and young people have sexual desires, and that they can make autonomous decisions about their own sexual expression; on the other hand, it recognizes that children and teens are weaker than adults and are therefore vulnerable to exploitation by adults, so the law also protects them from that exploitation. And of course, that balance will shift depending upon the age of the child.

The Coup That Wasn't Allende spoke to his nation as a professor; Ch�vez, who staged his own failed coup in 1992, often as a thug. Ch�vez's undeniable charisma flirts with megalomania, his denunciations of all opposition borders on the paranoiac and his antidote to the hollower forms of democracy is often ham-fisted demagogy. Corruption within his regime, an increasingly autocratic style and an inability to make much of a dent in poverty have swollen Ch�vez's opposition far beyond the ranks of the pro-American economic elite.

New York Daily News Online | News and Views | Beyond the City | Daily News Exclusive: Jailed Sheik Disappears Two weeks after his lawyer was charged with helping him send messages from jail, federal prison officials have made convicted terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman virtually disappear from their system.
No one � not even his lawyers � can find him because he's been removed from the Bureau of Prisons' database.
That makes the sheik unique in the federal prison system. All other inmates � except those in the witness protection program � can be found in a prison database, even the most notorious terrorists. Life | What's so bad about good sex? You've been accused by the conservative right of advocating pedophilia. How do you respond to that?
The first thing I have to say is that no sane person would advocate pedophilia. It seems ridiculous to me that I have to say that: It's a "When did you stop beating your wife?" kind of question.
Your readers might be interested to know what else the Concerned Women for America are campaigning against, besides me. They are against teaching what they call the "lie" of evolution in the schools; they're worried about the "homosexual agenda" of the Bush administration evidenced by the appointment of members of the Log Cabin Republicans, the gay Republican delegation. They are really incensed about the United Nations' Sustained Development Conference, which they said was promoting the "special agendas" of a number of things, including preservation of the world's ecosystems and human rights. So that's all I'd say about my detractors. Style Comics Published on April 26, 2002 �Wiley miller has a great big heart

james carpenter design associates Suspended Glass Tower explores the importance of laminated glass technologies within the realm of architecture

The Kresge Foundation -- History Sebastian Kresge's instructions to the incorporating Trustees were set forth in brief terms. The Foundation's income was to be used "to promote the well-being of mankind." The Foundation's early recipient institutions were located primarily in the northeastern quarter of the United States, because the initial Trustees felt it was appropriate to support institutions which were situated in the region where the S.S. Kresge Company had flourished. It is important to emphasize, however, that this is no longer the case and that the Foundation is not affiliated or associated with the former S.S. Kresge Company, now known as the Kmart Corporation, or any other corporation.

{Kresge buildings on somany campuses. I sought and found the reason why. and here it is.}

Flashcan Cardstorisu koshiro

Gallaudet University - Dummy Hoy

Archimedes Links Pageold links of accessibility tech

Bootstrap Alliance : Related Resources links

The Invention Dimension!mit invention links. led to Nye labs!

Bootstrap Alliancemousegod homepage

The Invention Dimension: Invention of the Week For ten years Theremin worked in New York. With the help of Clara Rockmore, he developed what would today be called "performance art," featuring stages which automatically reacted to dancers' movements with varied patterns of sound and light. Then, in 1938, Theremin was kidnapped by the KGB and taken back to Russia. Forced to abandon his music, he spent a year in prison, and later developed listening devices for the Soviet secret police. Meanwhile, RCA scrapped its stock of Theremins in order to provide raw materials to the US war effort.

News: Dr. Damn cleans house for file-swappers "Even if they take the site down the program will survive somehow," he wrote in an IM interview. "But I don't want to go to jail yet for the people."

shroom nippon

BBC News | EUROPE | 18 die in German school massacre The incident comes just two months after a similar attack in southern Germany, when a disgruntled former pupil opened fire in his old school, leaving dead and wounded behind.
The 22-year-old man killed the headmaster of a school in Freising near Munich, before blowing himself up.


Blank State by Alex Fellows
brilliant work. everything the novel does poetically compressed w/out loss of information. talent in its birth stages piercing intensity of young emotion. love. this is what it looks like feels like smells like when genius first moves out in to the world

wondrous substance

STARDUST Aerogel Photos Another photo illustrating the excellent
insulating properties of aerogel.
The matches on top of the aerogel
are protected from the flame underneath.

ride ride ride

The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel - News Article Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, responded to Vedrine's comments about pressuring American Jewry by saying "any effort of that kind would only intensify the resolve of the Jewish community. Our support is not tied to the particular government in power in Israel, the community's record in supporting efforts to achieve a true peace speaks for itself."

{again. and again. voices of reason. but within a context of blood and madness. the psychotic's logic. the real darkness hides itself in the light. perfectly nice innocent American jews are being yelled at by crazy French diplomats. it's '" The Jews '" but it isn't. it's the still undefined, the unnamed hiding behind the Jews, hiding behind the Muslims, hiding behind Christianity, all the broad generalized names hiding something no one speaks of because they have no word for what it is. and it throws up the bodies of children gassed in the holocaust and hides behind that horror and continue its evil, justifying it by the reaction of the enemies who themselves react to the on and on and on and on. anyone who despises the current Israeli evil is anti-semitic. and once again the preamble locks in " I have no complaint with most Jews..." la di da etc. and people are obviously fed up. so now it's "American Jews" but it isn't. it's a large minority maybe, but a minority nonetheless, of men mostly, who happen to be born jews, but are vicious desperate cowards who have no place in the world and will destroy everything rather than accept that.}

According to Hoenlein, "change is indeed called for, but on the part of the French government and the EU who need to return to a position of at least objectivity to Israel, rather than the open and blatant hostility that is now being manifested."


Steven Wright - A Word from Steven
Freud: The story of an insane old man with way too much influence.

Jesus and Santa Claus: The story of two middleweight boxers in Berlin in the early 1900's.

The Carnival Man: The history of the world if time didn't exist.

Pretty Girls: The story of the end of all civilizations and why evolution is a mistake.

The New York Observer And so now, finally, with all hope of quieting her lost, the wailing newborn has been put into my care. I, who have no milk. In my arms, the furious infant screams and shakes. I might be swaddling a chainsaw. Millions of years of evolution have gone into this cry, human baby after human baby slouching, in infinitesimal increments, toward this blood-curdling shriek that will ensure parental protection and thus survival. The decorous mewlers, the considerate whiners, these have long been selected out of the human infant population. Now there are only the tympanum-bursting banshees, the Tasmanian devils with the breath control of a La Scala soprano.
{actually a review of Elvis Costello's latest by Jeffrey Eugenides, who at even his most turgid is a gifted writer indeed, as is the aforementioned.}

Harper�s Index: April 2002 Number of Israeli military personnel jailed since September 2000 for refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories : 34
Minimum number of Israeli high school students who wrote Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last fall to refuse in advance : 62

{as I keep sending out, the fact of my presence in the midst of this great sick beast of a country, and see, over there too, and everywhere, the voices of the kind, of the hopeful, the confused wanting only peace and somehow to make it work that the violence not be so gratuitous, so cleanly evil and soulless, they're in Israel, they're in Kuwait, they're in Pakistan, Chechnya even, everywhere, drowned in the mad choral screams of blood seeking blood and greed manipulating the ignorant and simple, there is a 'we', an 'us', not a dream union but a ragged, changing mass of color and dream, maybe enough, maybe just enough to make the difference.}

Social History fo Conjoined Twins When Yvonne and Yvette McCarther were born on May 14, 1949, their mother faced a tremendous dilemma. The babies were joined at the head, and were among the rarest of conjoined twins. The girls had separate brains, but shared a circulatory system so they could not be separated. Initially, Mrs. McCarther resisted offers by circus owners to put the girls on display. However, faced with numerous hospital bills, she and her daughters travelled with the circus for two years.

{ with no documentation, with almost no hope for fair hearing, with the pain of a thousand unseen blows still slamming my head to the concrete of this strange time, I insist, I will insist until the day I die, that conjunction can be so almost complete as to be virtually indistinguishable, that it is rare but consistent in our history as organisms, that something like that is how bilateral symmetry first developed, that this is the basis for the ignorant persecution of 'witches' with third and fourth breasts, that the double crown, and rudimentary third nipple i myself wear is a mark not of evil, but of the wondrous beauty of biological truth, deep truth. that these bastards knew the possibility of duality there and sought us out. for these reasons the duplicity possible with not two artificially induced personalities but two distinct and real personalities two beings in one body and the miracle of almostness that is neither, not one not two, but something outside that graph entirely. it is so strange, so close to nonsense and fantasy, but I have never found a a more accurate explanation for so much that is already provably strange, and so frighteningly real. I hate the lack of advocacy that makes me have to claim this, alone. what they did to us is unspeakably dark}

MIND CONTROL: The Later Years When Candy finally wanted out of "her service", Jensen began to plant suicide commands in her subconscious; Jensen provided very detailed instructions on where, when and how. Jensen commanded that she go to Nassau, call him the next morning after her arrival. The phone call was necessary so that Jensen could command "Arlene" to "walk the body to an out-of-the-way cliff." The only thing that saved Candy was that thirty days before "Arlene" was going to take a dive off a cliff in Nassau, the floodgates of Candy's subconscious broke through and she started to break some of the rules of her program.

{for years after the almost successful suicide attempt I made in 1975, I had the firm conviction that if I drowned myself, if I immersed myself in water, and breathed in, that I would not die but rather be 'reborn' be remade in a more powerful and invulnerable form. this is real. I came close a few times. especially i remember in 76 at a pool near my home being very close. it's still there in a way. but fading now. much that was inexplicable is close to being clear. because it's so late.
that all this is mixed in with so much nonsense, so much fantasy and delusion, is sad of course. and shame is always so close, shame at being vulnerable. shame at being.....what this is.}

L. Ron Hubbard, Ron the Humanitarian, Rehabilitating a Drugged Society - The politics of drugs in the late 20th (Part 1/3) Variously conducted under code names Bluebird, Chatter, Artichoke and the MKULTRA umbrella, federal mind-control programs finally involved the testing of psychotropic compounds on several thousand United States citizens. The tales of abuse are legion, horrific and ultimately comparable only to medical experimentation on inmates of Nazi concentration camps (which, in fact, provided much inspiration for what took place beneath the mind-control banner). There are cases on record, more than a few, wherein unwitting victims were slipped massive doses of psychotropic drugs and effectively left to reason for themselves, subjected to �special interrogation� under near fatal combinations of barbiturates, stimulants and bombardment with ultra-high frequency �amnesia beams.�
{somewhere amongst all this logorrheaic effusion I have a scattered memory/record of the time in Denver I got picked up hitchiking by a Scientologist guy and he talked me into checking things out. I had never really known much about scientology and was mildly antagonistic but the guy was basically nice and openhearted. we were on our way to whatever office or whatever and the tires were shot flat on the car. it seems awfully cinematic, but it's true. in case you don't find that record, the brief details are that I remember us getting out of the car the unreal feeling of that pursuit and running and I had all my stuff with me big heavy backpack and a gymbag and I couldn't run very fast. the guy outdistanced me I remember that and then it all goes blank. but I swear with all my heart that part about the tires and running is true.}



Social History fo Conjoined Twins

Red Deer Press Adult Fiction Set in Little Cypress, a small prairie town in the 1950s, A Fine Daughter is the story of Fran and her illegitimate daughter, Cora. Together, on a journey toward love and acceptance, they learn to confront the strict morality that's made them outsiders.

Finor offshore ATM debit and credit cards Security Note: Apart from their obvious use for paying for purchases, corporate or personal debit and credit cards also have the added advantage, where used with care, of enabling you to withdraw an unspecified * cash amount a day in your local currency from ATM machines world-wide. Provided you tell no-one, don't use any one ATM regularly (especially one near your home) and take care to shield your face from the concealed camera frequently installed in ATMs nowadays (hold a rolled-up newspaper or magazine over the usually visible lens hole 'by accident'), your card could enable you to take a minimum of US$100,000 or equivalent a year in 'tax free' cash from your offshore account in perfect safety - obviously subject to available funds

MINIATURE GPS VEHICLE TRACKER Designed to be concealed within the vehicle, the miniature-sized GPS-1 is a tiny computer that rides aboard the vehicle telling you the exact whereabouts of the driver, including the address of each destination, names of streets traveled, how long the vehicle
remained at each location and if the driver was speeding. And the included mapping software allows you to print a street map showing all vehicle activities including the addresses of any vehicle stops and the duration of the stop.

The GPS-1 is ideal for use as a detailed record keeping tool for business owners, independent contractors and individuals who need support to document their taxes, mileage and billing time.

ZNet Commentary: A War Against the Peacemaker He has, arguably, done more in the past five years to promote world peace than anyone else on earth. His inspectors have overseen the destruction of two million chemical weapons and two-thirds of the world's chemical weapon facilities. He has so successfully cajoled reluctant nations that the number of signatories has risen from 87 to 145 in the past five years: the fastest growth rate of any multilateral body in recent times.
{gone, under the wheels of the US death machine}

From the Files of Mike Mailway/L.M. Boyd Duke Ellington delivered this final tribute to Louis Armstrong, and I'll warrant you'll never find a nobler thing to say of any man: "He was born poor. He died rich. And he never hurt anybody along the way."

{and, word is, he smoked weed every single day.}

Poetry Daily: Today's Poem
hasn't once overlooked the glint
in a generous eye, or failed to
wonder what could this fellow want,
what's standing behind my mill besides
the old apple tree? He bargained it.
His daughter was what stood there
in the mill yard, sweeping.
Now when a weeping child speaks with more
authority than the parent, who has
made a grave mistake,
how can the man ashamed refuse?

Debra Nystrom
The Girl Without Hands


Jordan Times (Home News Section) He claimed to have killed his daughter to cleanse his family's honour, an official source said.
The victim went missing for two weeks and was found in Aqaba on Sunday, the source said.
Aqaba police brought the woman to the Zarqa police who in turn referred her to the Pathology Unit at Zarqa Hospital for a virginity examination, the source added.
In cases where women go missing or are caught alone with a strange male, they must undergo a virginity test before being released.
Pathologist Mahmoud Harzallah, who performed the test on the woman, said �it was proven that she was not involved in any sexual activities and her hymen was intact.�
�I gave her father the report and they (the father and daughter) left. I was sad and shocked to see the girl return to the morgue dead a few hours later,� Harzallah told The Jordan Times on Sunday.
�The father told the authorities that he had a fight with his daughter about her disappearance, but it seems that she challenged her father with words that enraged him, and he stabbed her to death,� a second official source said.

Linda Lovelace/Boreman has died
``I look in the mirror and I look the happiest I've ever looked in my entire life,'' she said in a 1997 interview. ``I'm not ashamed of my past or sad about it. And what people might think of me, well, that's not real. I look in the mirror and I know that I've survived.''

Boreman was born Jan. 10, 1949, in the Bronx borough of New York.

Record President Richard M. Nixon Watergate tapes Nixon and Charles Colson discussing why George McGovern was bugged Technology | Musician to Napster judge: Let my music go "I am not alone," he wrote. "Literally thousands of musicians like me, who are purportedly represented by record companies and distributors in the current Napster case, are in my situation."
"The record companies' representation that they are legitimate agents for their artists is false," he continued. "The only payments they make are to those who have the means to force them to be accountable; to the rest, a vast majority, they pay nothing. Therefore, allowing them to collect fees in our behalf does not serve the public interest. I personally would prefer to allow my music to be freely shared, to the present situation, in which only the corporations stand to gain. Until this is changed, the record companies and publishers deserve nothing." Books | r y pelton The real war on terrorism And basically since the Vietnam War, the military realizes that the press is the enemy, because the press is actually faster and more intelligent than the military is. They can assess a military situation long before the military figures it out.
I mean, John Walker is an example. John Walker is in custody because I found him, not because our military found him. I handed him over to the military so he wouldn't be damaged, but the bottom line is that the American intelligence resources on the ground are infinitesimal compared to the amount of media stuff, the amount of people running around gathering information. I mean, look at the crap that the Wall Street Journal dug up and all the New York Times information. The military doesn't have a clue. I mean there's more evidence in the John Walker case in the public archives than there is in the military interrogations.


Poetry Daily: Today's Poem mistranscribed (it takes such discipline
to keep the prospect clean) and now the lion
the beetle rolls its ball of dung, and Noah
with no more than a primitive double-
entry audit
is supposed to make it right.
We find the Creator in an awkward bind


Linda Gregerson

Origins and estimates of uncertainty in predictions of twenty-first century temperature rise Temperatures will fluctuate about their mean climatic state owing to natural internal variability. We include decadal variability in our uncertainty analysis, but we do not consider sub-decadal variations that would be additional to the uncertainty in decadal temperatures presented here. We also consider fluctuations due to potential future changes in solar output and volcanic eruptions. As it is not possible to predict deterministically changes in natural forcings, we estimate natural external variability from simulations of the past 140 years that include these natural forcings.

The Clock's Loneliness

how way leads on to way

Environment News Service: Treesitter Falls to Her Death in Mt. Hood National Forest This is something that could have been handled years ago if the Forest Service had listened to the public, but they didn't," said Ream, "so now this has dragged on and now a young woman has given her life."
The Cascadia Forest Alliance is holding a memorial candlelight vigil for Beth O'Brien Sunday evening at sunset in Mount Tabor Park in Portland.

The Selling of an Energy Policy � by Al Gore Just as Enron needed auditors who wouldn't blow the whistle when the company lied about the magnitude of its future liabilities, the administration needs scientific reviews that won't sound the alarm on the destruction of the earth's climate balance.
How long they get away with it depends on how long they can sow confusion and doubt. But with folks wearing bikinis in Boston in the middle of April and with the massive melting of ice at both poles and in nearly every mountain glacier on earth, public awareness and concern are growing rapidly.


Of Land & Spirits Glossary ter/s
security force slang for �terrorist/s� - A comprehensive directory of glossaries on all subjects.{search for accurate definition of 'fort' }

Nixon. Live!- at northwestern U

Dan Gillmor: Want privacy? Take action If you have to add in the hot-water system later, you'll pay much more and you'll disrupt your family's life during the follow-up construction.
That same logic should apply to privacy and other public values in the digital age. It doesn't apply very often, sorry to say.
Why? Because the businesses building the next generation of digital services are indifferent, if not hostile, to everything but their immediate bottom lines. Governments' agendas, meanwhile, frequently run counter to abstract public wishes that conflict with business demands.


The Taipei Times Online: 2002-04-20 It also plans to work with foreign scientific research organizations to advance the cloning technology so that it can be used to clone pigs whose organs can be transplanted into human beings without being rejected, Wong said.
Pigs are ideal for transplant because they can reproduce quickly and their organs are of sizes similar to those of human beings, he said.
Taiwan's government has encouraged biotechnology research and hopes Taiwan will became a leader in the field just as it did in the electronics industry.
{ just keep shopping. keep shopping and listening to the news. shopping and listening to the news and working. especially working.
and we're healing all these sick people because? well because we hate to see people suffering right? that's the motive right? we hate to see ...well no that can't be it. there's people suffering all over the place. right now. something else is going on here. something really ugly.}

Oriana Fallaci is ashamed of her fellow Europeans I have often had disagreements with the Israelis, ugly ones, and in the past I have defended the Palestinians a great deal. Maybe more than they deserved. But I stand with Israel, I stand with the Jews. I stand just as I stood as a young girl during the time when I fought with them, and when the Anna Marias were shot. I defend their right to exist, to defend themselves, to not let themselves be exterminated a second time. And disgusted by the antisemitism of many Italians, of many Europeans, I am ashamed of this shame that dishonors my Country and Europe. At best, it is not a community of States, but a pit of Pontius Pilates. And even if all the inhabitants of this planet were to think otherwise, I would continue to think so.

20.4.02 -- experimental music|musica sperimentale keep checking on this - Open, Free Audio
once again I'm the bum at the window of the department store. it's late, after midnight. they leave the tv's on all the time, how long have I been standing here?

Gaviiforms to Anseriformsthis guy has neat sounds all over the place

Jordan Times: Friday-Saturday, April 19-20, 2002 a kind of peace

|| PAISLEY DODDS ASSOCIATED PRESS - In its latest rebuff to demands for an independent body to decide the legal status of captives held here, the United States said detainees have no right to lawyers, and can be held as long as the U.S.-led war on terrorism lasts . . . "What the United States is effectively saying is that no one in the world has the right to judge them," said Michael Ratner, president of the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights.

Try something different for weak students When I realize that you are confused, I simply repeat the directions, only this time I SHOUT. It won't take you long to realize that you never will get where you want to go with me as your guide, so you step on the gas and seek help elsewhere.
That's a pretty fair description of how schools treat failure. First of all, just as I blamed you for not grasping my directions, it's the student's fault for not understanding. Summer school is the equivalent of my shouting the same words. So just as you would give up on me and drive away, many students who are retained drop out of school

UNDERNEWS: nytimes Personal computers sat on the desks, their hard drives ripped out. In another room, the Israeli soldiers had blasted open the safe . . . At the Ministry of Agriculture, the door had been blasted open by an explosion that also took out all the windows, and a neighbor said Israeli soldiers had filled two armored personnel carriers with boxes, presumably containing records. It was the same at the Ministry of Industry. . . . "What they are doing, and what is not being noticed enough, is that they are destroying all the records, all the archives, all the files, of the Palestinian Authority," said Yasser Abed Rabbo, the Palestinian minister of information. "This is an administrative massacre, and this will lead to chaos."

yip yop you don't stopextensive links page with mark ryden in there and a theremin link that's real up

Other Websites
{a page of theremin links} He ran the London Marathon in 1989 after being diagnosed with leukaemia so that he could get fit for a bone marrow transplant. He finished in three hours, 11 minutes.


Patuxent-Migratory Bird Research bird song delivery

Santa Cruz Countybest bird links so far

National Geographic - Amazon Controversy
How do the Yanomami deal with the influx of outsiders?

It seems they�re acquiring some experience in these matters. The Yanomami are beginning to form committees and council group representatives to meet with politicians and outsiders. Elders and younger leaders are emerging in the communities and have frequent meetings with one [politician].
I�m not saying all that is particularly positive. I think in some respects this new emerging system is kind of undermining age-old traditions that seemed to work very well for them for a very long time.

About the Internet Weather Report (IWR)(TM) The IWRTM presents ongoing animated scans of conditions within the Internet. It is like daily newspaper or television weather radar reports, except instead of being about real world meteorology, it is about conditions inside the Internet itself. The IWR is presented in geographical maps that show lag, which is round trip time (latency) from our offices in Austin, Texas to thousands of Internet domains worldwide, currently every four hours, six times a day, seven days a week, using ICMP ECHO (ping).

The Infinite Matrix | Terry Bisson | Today In History Week 20 Life found on tiny Jupiter moon. An apparent one-time event ends in tragedy as a four-centimeter wide slime mold on S2000-J1 is discovered, photographed, tagged, catalogued, and immediately dies. The Scott-Gruen expedition vows to "keep on looking."

Natalie Portman Strikes Back (
-- One might have an idea of the physical likeness between Arabs and Israelis by examining this week's Newsweek cover on which an 18-year-old female Palestinian suicide bomber and her 17-year-old female Israeli victim could pass for twins."
Portman continued: "Outrageous and untrue finger-pointing is a childish tactic that disregards the responsibility of all parties involved."--
{Drudge headlined this story thus:
"'Star Wars' Queen Strikes Back for Israel..."
and the washingtonpost as above, but a cursory read makes it clear she's striking a blow for reason and honesty. hardly the exclusive property of Israel or it's 'supporters' especially now. especially now.}


New York State Writers Institute - O'Kennedy Times Union Article One of the things I really admire about Bill is that though I have known him in rags and riches, he really strikes me as the same person,'' Delbanco said. "He has dealt with success better than anyone I know. It has improved the quality of his suits and of his Scotch, but he is very much the same man as when I first met him.

( Sierra Club's Ariana Silverman. The 25-year-old environmental lobby staffer approached the EPA administrator, who was standing by herself, and tried this icebreaker: "Y'know, this heat really makes me think we should do something about global warming." To which Whitman replied with a grunted "mmmm," and turned away.

Yahoo! News - Photo The two tourists, from Tokyo, say they arrived in Bethlehem on part of their six month travels around the world hoping to visit the Church of the Nativity and were unaware of the on-going standoff between Israeli forces and Palestinain gunmen taking shelter in the Church
{more to that than meets the eye}

Tighearn Eoghan Og mac Labhrainn {Society for Creative Anachronism? well yeah. no matter what they really do, with a name like that.....}

CNN/SI - 1999 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special - Hits & Mrs.{ lay aside the sleaze of gossip and cathartic participation in other people's lives, the rumors and accusations, the sad price of fame and fortune that seems so arbitrarily charged. It's a funny picture that's all. and it doesn't hurt to wish people well. As the Titanic sank, the solid differences between the first- and second- and steerage- classes melted away. All the way away.}

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Jenin camp 'horrific beyond belief' Palestinians claim hundreds of bodies are buried beneath the rubble, but Israel says the numbers of dead are far fewer. An independent forensic expert says evidence suggests that a massacre has taken place.
Mr Roed-Larsen said the top priority was to bring in search-and-rescue teams. The only rescue efforts currently under way are residents digging though the ruins looking for survivors.
"It is totally destroyed, it looks like an earthquake has hit it," he said.

Aid agencies now have access to Jenin

"I am watching two brothers pull their father from the ruins, the stench of death is horrible. We are seeing a 12-year-old boy being dug out, totally burned," he said.
"We have expert people here who have been in war zones and earthquakes and they say they have never seen anything like it," he added.

Dave Prowse official UK site. Dave Prowse is famous for two very conflicting roles, the embodiment of evil in his portrayal of Darth Vader in Starwars and the road safety hero the Green Cross Code Man. Dave recalls the audition for Starwars....." George Lucas offered me one of two parts, "Take your choice," he said. The first was a character called Chewbacca, a hairy Teddy Bear of a character who goes


Yahh....huh? Wylie Gustafson, whose Yahoo yodel captured the freewheeling spirit of the popular Internet portal in TV and radio ads, has filed a $5 million lawsuit, claiming he has not been paid for the continued use of his voice.
Gustafson, founder of the Wylie & the Wild West country band, said in a statement on Thursday that he was hired in 1996 to create and record the signature yodel for Yahoo!'s first television commercial.
He was paid $590 for his performance with the understanding his yodel would only be used for that specific commercial, he said. The company never told him his stylized vocal arc would be used in thousands of subsequent commercials, he said.

Independent News "...your army does exactly the same thing you always deplore; your army kills civilians almost daily. Civilians die and terrorism is committed whether you use an F-16 or a car bomb.
Fourthly, Israel continues to down-play the occupation. For 35 years, you've enslaved us. You never stopped building settlements. You've created generations of Palestinian nothingness that can lead only to desperation and violence. How did you expect us to react?
Fifthly, a powerful army can never extinguish a people's struggle for independence and freedom. No leader (not even Arafat) can restrain a man who saw his son beaten by a teenage, gun-happy soldier.You've planted the seeds, you are now reaping the harvest...."

UT Library Online - Perry-Casta�eda _ Maps
{good quick maps in an intuitively smooth site e.g.:
U.S. Electronic Map Collections by Type:
Historical Maps of the United States and Historical Maps of U.S. Cities
Maps of National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites
Maps of Major Metropolitan Areas (1970)
Maps of the United States (Country Maps)
State Maps with County Boundaries U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1990 Census
Other Web Sites: Links to City Maps, Outline Maps, State Maps and U.S. Maps}

Poetry Daily: Today's Poem
The voice blinks on, a neon dot
on the soundboard, the recorder chases
an imperceptible second behind the reading.

The library is dressed up like a theme park.
Here's a day when I just can't follow a word of it.
The Consulate pours rich red wine to celebrate

the five Slovenian writers as the tape winds on
around the party, capturing the discussion of freedom
on its spools in at least three different languages...
... ... ...

The Lightning
Paula Raimondo
Beloit Poetry Journal
Spring 2002, Vol. 52, Number 23

Untitled Document former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey dismissed claims that opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling would improve America's national security, and asserted that drilling the Arctic would in fact weaken our energy security by increasing our reliance on the vulnerable Trans Alaska Pipeline. "The bottom line is that we'll be dependent on the Middle East as long as we are dependent on oil," said Woolsey, who served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1993 to 1995. "Drilling in ANWR is not a recipe for America's national security. The only answer is to use substantially less petroleum."


Welcome to the Recent Rarities {avian} Photo Gallery Here we offer photos of recent rarities from California and other western states. We welcome additional contributions. If you have photos which you would like to contribute to this page please send

Federal lands USGS ANWR . Most of the oil is estimated to occur in the western, undeformed part of the ANWR 1002 area, which is closest to existing infrastructure. Furthermore, the oil is expected to occur in a number of accumulations rather than a single large accumulation. Estimates of economically recoverable oil, expressed by probability curves, show increasing amounts of oil with increasing price. At prices less than $13 per barrel, no commercial oil is estimated, but at a price of $30 per barrel, between 3 and 10.4 billion barrels are estimated. Economic analysis includes the costs of finding, developing, producing, and transporting oil to market based on a 12 percent after-tax return on investment, all calculated in constant 1996 dollars.

Arctic Tern - It flies over 21,750 miles (35,000 km) each year - roughly the circumference of the Earth. This excellent flier spends most of its life flying. This tern always experiences long days, since it spends the summer in the Arctic and the (Northern Hemisphere) winter in the Antarctic.
These social birds live in large groups, called colonies. Immediately before beginning a migration, a noisy colony of birds suddenly becomes quiet, and they all take to the air and fly away (this behavior is called "dread").

Primate ancestor lived with dinosaurs Co-author Dr Christophe Soligo of the Natural History Museum in London said the new work put specific events within primate evolution into a very different context.
"The world 85 million years ago was very different to the world 65 million years ago," he told the BBC.
"What we demonstrate is that modern orders of mammals appeared well before dinosaurs disappeared so the initial divergence of modern orders of mammals cannot be the results of the extinction of the dinosaurs."

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow Didn't there used to be a season between winter and summer?
I have this vague recollection of a sort of transitional phase--you know, blustery winds, pleasantly cool weather, that sort of thing.
On Fox News today, Neal Cavuto said something to the effect that "It makes you think Al Gore was right" about all that global warming craziness. And he and his co-anchor laughed nervously and quickly moved on to the next story.

EFF Media Release: 2002 Pioneer Awards: Gillmor, Givens, DeCSS Writers (Apr. 11, 2002) As the rest of the DeCSS writers have decided to remain anonymous after witnessing the action against Jon, he has been chosen to accept the award as the public face of the work. He has willingly put himself at great risk to defend the rights of all of us, and EFF applauds his courage.
"We, as a community of people respecting rights in technology, do not take enough opportunity to honor our own," stated Shari Steele, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "Dan {Gillmor}, Beth {Givens} and Jon {Johansen} are shining examples of the spirit and energy that make the Internet great. We're proud to present them with this year's Pioneer Awards."

The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington: Victims of the Dragnet by James Ridgeway Pakistani immigrant Mohammad Akoram had just left his Brighton Beach retail goods store with an acquaintance last November 11 when a carful of FBI and INS agents drove up and arrested his friend. As Akoram started to walk away, the cops put cuffs on him too, because�as his son recalled in an interview with the Voice�they said he might know something. Not to worry, the FBI agent told the family, he'll be back in a few days. The few days turned into five months. Prison red tape kept the family from visiting Akoram. The last time Akoram's children saw him was at the airport a week ago, just before he was put on a plane back to Pakistan.
Now Akoram's son and wife are selling their house and their business to go back to Pakistan. "We don't want to, but we have no choice," the son said. "Our father is there, and we want to be with him." He added, "We were just a regular happy family living in America, and now everything has changed so fast."

The Village Voice: Victims of the Dragnet by James Ridgeway They claimed to be investigating Ali because of unaccounted-for monies he had obtained through his business that they thought might be connected to terrorism.
"The people I traveled with were my family�my two kids and my wife," he said. "They said I was at the World Trade Center two weeks prior to the incident. I had taken my wife's friend with my son and shown them the World Trade Center because they had never been to New York. I was from Pakistan, so I must have something to do with something bad. I could hear the entire courtroom hissing, and hatred was coming out of people."
Ali was sent to Rikers and put in an area for murderers and other high-profile criminals. "All my assets were frozen," he said. "Everything taken out of my house�every family picture, every family video. Everything right down to our EZ Pass. Our cars were taken. It was just a nightmare. I was arraigned�I could not make bail of $250,000. We didn't have any money. We could not use anything we owned."

Poetry Daily: Today's Poem
The nightlight in the children's bathroom
glows on the bath toys in the hall.
Nothing has been put back,
which means all is where it ought to be, and
the children, exhausted after a long day
of touching everything they own at least twice,
seem to have fallen from jungle gyms
into their beds, their lips dry when you kiss them,
their faces cool, their hearts rhythmic in some dream place
Mark Cox
Number 61, Winter 2002

E A R T H F R O M A B O V E - P h o t o Storm over Amazonian rain forest, state of Amazonas BRAZIL The Amazonian rain forest covers 42 percent of Brazil's land area. The forest takes up most of Amazonas State, which is geographically the largest in Brazil but has a population density of only 6 people per square mile, or 1.5 per square kilometer. The Amazonian rain forest has one of the most extensive ecosystems in the world, but recently it has been affected by deforestation and slash-and-burn farming. Rain forests around the world are home to 90% of the biological heritage of the earth.

E A R T H F R O M A B O V E - P h o t oCultivation on a Volcano Slope near Ankisabe, Antananarivo Region MADAGASCAR The first inhabitants of Madagascar may have come from Africa and Indonesia, and landed on the island in successive migratory waves only 2,000 years ago. Slash-and-burn traditional farming, called 'tavy', has had devastating effects on the natural environment. In addition, because of an important and rapid population increase, as well as the introduction of new cultures requiring larger farming areas, Madagascar has been subject to a frantic and anarchic deforestation: around 1,500 km2 of forest is destroyed every year.

E A R T H F R O M A B O V E - phuket

ITO KOI FARM Today,Nishikigoi isn't just Japanese. It's multinational. So you can obtain koi at any places around the world if you don't care about their quality. Try our selected koi. You feel something special the moment you meet our koi. Our koi will provide you with the greatest personal satisfaction. So when you see our name,remember this. there is koi of the top quality and much more as well. We're for you!

koi for sale prijs: To inquire

E A R T H F R O M A B O V E - white horse of uffington

E A R T H F R O M A B O V E - P h o t o The Aran Islands feature cliffs that rise to a height of 300 feet (90 m), facing the rough winds and currents of the Atlantic. In an attempt to fertilize the soil, over the centuries the inhabitants have spread a mixture of sand and algae on the rocks to produce humus. To protect their limited plots of land from wind erosion, they have built a great network of windbreaking walls with a total length of some 7,000 miles

Karymskaya Volcano, Kamchatka RUSSIA

E A R T H F R O M A B O V E - Buccaneer's Archipelago, off the Coast of Kimberley Plateau AUSTRALIA

Toshio Sakai won the Pulitzer Prize Toshio Sakai won the Pulitzer Prize (Feature Photography) in 1968 for this photo, entitled "Dreams of Better Times". An American soldier takes rest on sandbags as his mate stands guard in the battlefield 60 kilometers northeast of Phuc Vinh, South Vietnam, on June 17, 1967.

KYODO NEWS March 31, Kyodo - (Summary of ''The Banks Are Now Beyond Redemption,'' Bungei Shunju, April 2002.)
According to Keio University professor Mitsuhiro Fukao, the Japanese economy now has only two ways to go: either it crashes or it makes a hard landing, and the only way of avoiding the former is to overcome deflation through inflation targeting.

Mr Fishbein's facts and figures Coffee is the 2nd-most traded commodity in the world economy, after oil. One coffee tree yields slightly less than 1 pound of coffee per year. For every pound of gourmet coffee sold, small-coffee farmers receive between 12� and 25�.
In Guatemala, 70 children out of every 1,000 die before age 5; 51 of those children will not live to reach their first birthdays.

Made In The Shade Fortunately, in most coffee growing countries the majority of coffee is still cultivated under shade trees, with the most notable exceptions being the Big Two of Colombia and Brazil, and to a lesser extent Costa Rica. Meanwhile, the coffees of Ethiopia, Sumatra, New Guinea and Timor are virtually all shade grown. In Latin America, the coffees from southern Mexico, northern Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Panama, and Huehuetenango in Guatemala are primarily shade grown. Furthermore, most (but certainly not all) certified organic coffees are shade grown. While this list is hardly complete, it does provide a starting point when considering which coffee you want to buy.

Mr Fishbein's compassionate effort Twelve years ago, I traveled to Guatemala and came face to face with the reality of coffee and poverty. When I returned home, I founded Coffee Kids as a way for coffee drinkers and coffee related businesses to give something back to the families who grow coffee.

Made In The Shade The result is a lessened if not non-existent need for chemical fertilizers and herbicides.
The shade trees can also act as an economic buffer for the coffee farmer. Earlier we pointed out the varying layers and types of shade trees employed on small farms in Nicaragua and Mexico. Frequently, the lowest layer will be citrus, avocado, and banana trees, which provide not only food for the family, but frequently allows for excess to be sold at local produce markets. The upper shade story, meanwhile, is typically composed of native hardwood trees or large nitrogen-fixing leguminous trees, is an other economic resource. As these trees are thinned and pruned throughout the year, their branches and timber area source of fuel and cooking wood, fencing material, and a viable source of timber for building and construction purposes. In times of low coffee prices, clearly, the presence of the shade trees is integral in the economic survival of the small farmer.

Further Reading and Resources Your best source for an air popper are thrift stores. Because people use their microwaves to make popcorn nowadays, there are tons of poppers of the correct design available from $2 to $5. The names to look for are the Poppery II, West Bend Corn Popper, Hamilton Beach Popaire 2, The Popcorn Pumper, and JC Penny brand. You can't be guaranteed they will work, but it's just a few bucks! The best one ever is the original West Bend Poppery, ugly as heck, but it will work forever...

Sweet Maria's Brewing Instructions: Chemex Coffee Makers When the water is boiling, remove it from the heat for 30 seconds. It should now be about 195 to 200 degrees f., the perfect brewing temperature. Pour small amount of water over the grinds, just enough to wet them without floating them. This pre-wetting allows coffee to "bloom", to swell and prepare for even infusion brewing.

Coffee links from Sweet Maria The speaker, from Yale University, is Linda Bartoshuk, a specialist in human taste. She hands us each a small packet containing what looks like a Communion wafer. It's a piece of filter paper saturated with a compound called propylthiouracil, known in taste circles as PROP. We're instructed to put the papers in our mouths. As my saliva wets it, a nasty bitterness blooms. My neighbor, too, is making a face that says yuck. Then Bartoshuk asks for a show of hands. How many of us tasted something? How many of us didn't? Of course, Bartoshuk knows the punch line: Typically, a quarter of the audience tastes nothing. This routine never fails to impress an audience. Jaws go slack as hands shoot up in answer to both questions. How can something be tasteless to some people and so unpleasantly bitter to others?

Effie Awards - Home{as anne holland of Sherpablog said, this is cool. as prototype, as way to go.}

Coffee Brewing Use the largest grind possible on your burr grinder and add the grounds just as the water begins to fill the upper chamber. Leave the pot on the stove for 3.5 minutes and then place on a hot pad. Within 30 seconds the lower pot will cool enough to form a vacuum to pull the brewing coffee into the lower chamber, thereby separating it from the grounds. Experiment with the heating and cooling cycles until the total extraction time is between 4-5 minutes. The best pot available is the old Cona pot or the less expensive, but excellent version from Bodum (both available from Sweet Maria's). Either version will deliver the surprisingly potent aroma that originally made the vacuum pot famous.

Magic Water in the Land of Oz Liz Hall, a management consultant and one of Beckett's early test subjects, was crippled by rheumatoid arthritis in her thirties. "I couldn't sleep at night. The kids would try to sit on my lap and I couldn't bear it. I can't tell you how quickly the water worked, but eventually you notice that you are doing things that you couldn't do before. I didn't need to have pillows under my legs at night. I didn't have to think about my knees all day."
As for me, after being on the water since February 2000, I am taking no drugs of any kind, suffer no back or neck pain except after a long day at the computer, do not have lupus symptoms, do not collapse in the afternoons, and it does not hurt to move half the parts of my body. For someone with a cocktail of chronic conditions, I feel suspiciously normal and relatively pain-free.

Jenin is infamous now, and will be, for a long time The people, who spent days hiding in basements crowded into single rooms as the rockets pounded in, say there are hundreds of corpses, entombed beneath the dust, under a field of debris, criss-crossed with tank and bulldozer treadmarks.
In one nearby half-wrecked building, gutted by fire, lies the fly-blown corpse of a man covered by a tartan rug. In another we found the remains of 23-year-old Ashraf Abu Hejar beneath the ruins of a fire-blackened room that collapsed on him after being hit by a rocket. His head is shrunken and blackened. In a third, five long-dead men lay under blankets.

Jenin is famous now, and for a long time yet to come A quiet. sad-looking young man called Kamal Anis led us across the wasteland, littered now with detritus of what were once households, foam rubber, torn clothes, shoes, tin cans, children's toys. He suddenly stopped. This was a mass grave, he said, pointing.

We stared at a mound of debris. Here, he said, he saw the Israeli soldiers pile 30 bodies beneath a half-wrecked house. When the pile was complete, they bulldozed the building, bringing its ruins down on the corpses. Then they flattened the area with a tank. We could not see the bodies. But we could smell them.

White Paper: Three Days that Shook the Media "Never before in modern times has an elected president been overthrown by military commanders, his successor inaugurated, and then the ousted leader returned to power on the wings of a popular uprising."
The story also enters the history books as a watershed moment in the Authentic Journalism Renaissance.
AP, Reuters, the New York Times, and CNN, the worst offenders in the English-language media among many others, have had to radically adjust their coverage of the events in Venezuela precisely because online journalists worked overtime in recent days to break the information blockade and get the true facts to the international public.

Non-polluting engine for the Segway? - APRIL 16, 2002 THE Segway, Mr Dean Kamen's motorised scooter, has sparked the public imagination like few other inventions in recent memory.
But recently-published patent applications bolster the tantalising speculation that Mr Kamen may indeed have something much bigger up his sleeve than the cute scooter.
His friend, Mr Robert Metcalfe, has been quoted as saying that ''it'' was ''bigger than the Internet'' and ''almost as big as cold fusion would have been''.

Voices in the Wilderness November 24 - Amber Amundson, whose husband Craig was killed in the attack on the Pentagon, wrote shortly after the attack, �I call on our national leaders to find the courage to break the cycle of violence.� Sentiments like these have come from others who lost spouses, children, brothers or sisters. This week some of these mourners are going beyond words, joining a walk that will link the two cities that were struck. Their message to all they meet as they walk or assemble along the way: Our grief is not a cry for war.

{I didn't hear about this at the time. where are these guys now?}

Time Warner � His secretary was reassigned.
� His pager was turned off.
� He was told by the H.R. representative that mixed marriages don't work, and if he marries a black woman he will lose his job at Time Warner.
� His cell phone was turned off.
� His computer login was disabled.
� Even though he was rear-ended in his company vehicle (requiring surgery), and he couldn't look up due to his injuries, the company changed his job to climbing poles. When he said he couldn't perform this function with his neck problem, they told him to resign if he couldn't do the job.
� His own (personal) laptop was taken from his car without his consent and the hard drive stripped and deleted because "it may have had company records on it".

Bill Buckley is still here There is no way to be entirely discriminating in a military offensive designed to find something that can't be found, namely the fuse box that causes an 18-year-old Palestinian girl to arm herself with a bomb and detonate it in an Israeli mall. There aren't, sitting about, neat paramilitary kiosks with explosives and rosters of willing terrorists. The search for these was bound to be fruitless, rather like looking for the infrastructure of lechery in Gomorrah.

Spring Ahead Fall Back Amy, a college student who had removed her shoes and rolled up her khaki pants to soak in some rays while reading in the sun at the Columbus Circle entrance to the park, said her enjoyment of the day was dimmed by concern about the threat of drought in the northeast and worries about global warming.
"I think some of this weather is related, undoubtedly," Amy said about the general climate. "But I don't let it worry me as much as it probably should, I suppose."
One group reveling in the heat were a few hundred yards into the park at the Heckscher Ball Fields, home to numerous softball leagues.
It was Opening Day for the Show Business League and movie and theater critic Jeffrey Lyons, manager of the "Gallery" team and one of the founders of the league, gave the weather a rave review.
"A day like today makes you glad to be alive," said Lyons.

Engine Summer In Detroit, where it snowed less than two weeks ago, local weather services reported a high of 85 (29.4 C) at the city's Metro Airport, matching a record high for the day set in 1976.

The Gadarene Engine

NYPress - Art - Christian Viveros-Faune - Vol. 15, Iss. 16 "The rhetoric around illusionism hasn�t really changed since the Renaissance," Janet Cardiff told an interviewer on the occasion of the unveiling of The Paradise Institute in Venice last year. "People were amazed at linear perspective and then everybody got used to that and then there was the hyper reality of photography, and then stereo photography, film, and virtual reality. Every generation discovers and understands a way of looking in a different, progressive way but we�re really talking about the same question."


Weekly Review - Apr 16, 2002: Harper's Magazine A man sued a hospital in Denmark because of injuries sustained as he was having a mole removed from his rear end: the surgeon was using an electric knife and when the patient broke wind a spark was ignited, which caused the man's genitals to catch fire. "It was an unfortunate accident," said Dr. Jorn Kristensen.

Handwriting HAND WRITING
We all have more knowledge of the Golden Proportion than we ever suspected. Our handwriting shows the Golden Proportion over and over. When we write, we place a horizontal bar in the capital (upper case) letters, A E F R B H P quite casually and without any thought. When these letters are enlarged and measured, we see that the horizontal bar divides the letter into a larger and a smaller part which is usually surprisingly close to the Golden Proportion, as seen in the letters B and E below.

Fibonacci One of the most spectacular examples of the Fibonacci Series in nature is in the head of the sunflower

Perseus Digital Library About Perseus:
Perseus is an evolving digital library, engineering interactions through time, space, and language. Our primary goal is to bring a wide range of source materials to as large an audience as possible. We anticipate that greater accessibility to the sources for the study of the humanities will strengthen the quality of questions, lead to new avenues of research, and connect more people through the connection of ideas.
{at times these simple intentions cause me insupportable grief; at others they rest like an older, wiser, comforting hand on my shoulder.}


'Scariest moments ever: Getting run down in the night by a 660-ft. tanker, being pulled into a spinning propeller shaft by a rope tangled around my leg, having my foot bitten off by a giant fish, uncontrollably spinning an airplane from five thousand feet down to three hundred feet, getting married, dropping a clothes washer twelve feet onto my best friend's head -- the list just goes on and on. I have lived a scary life."


Thou Shall Not Die: Research Trying to Control Aging If we could change the body at regular intervals to keep it always young, it might happen that our brain would never age. It's technically not that difficult, we might soon be able to transplant entire bodies � although we would probably be paralyzed from the head down, despite some recent progresses in neuroregeneration [Cheng et al., 1996]. Robert White has already tried in animals � in a dog and in monkeys � to separate the head from the body and then insert the head in a new body [White et al., 1996]. (Check this for more on head transplants.) Notice the fact that I call it body transplants and not brain or head transplants because size doesn't matter here, for me the brain is us, and can never be changed, but the body can, and therefore it's the body that is transplanted.

LA Weekly: A Considerable Town: Urbanities: Frank O. Gehry Has a Gripe Zap! Ruscha had delivered a crafty uppercut to Gehry's lofty impatience with his city and its inhabitants. L.A. was brought back into proper perspective. As Ruscha said, "I am a slave to this place. I love it and hate it."

Breslin- You Wanna Use '9/11,' Pay Up! She doesn't writhe in the night or cry suddenly over flashbacks. So she doesn't have to blame her days on 9/11. And if Laurie doesn't need it, then these weeping frauds elsewhere don't have the right to the phrase

Breslin - Israel on Broadway The guy on the sidewalk can't get over the barricades, but he screams at the driver, and, as I noted, he has a mouth that could start anything, but don't a couple of cops walk him down the street and now it's over.

The driver walks with the police out to his pickup truck in the middle of Broadway and they wave him away and he is gone and the place is calm and I cringe when I tell myself the truth, that on this Friday in New York I miss the excitement.

PLAYLOUDER | review - Original Pirate Material by The Streets A new door's just been opened, as a result of THIS forward-thinking, impulse-acting, brilliantly honest LP. It makes pretty much everything else out now seem irrelevant. And when it's over, you're left with a joyous realisation - the future is wide open. This is punk. This is The Streets.
{me, I dunno. I just like the enthusiasm in the review}


mean drummer jokes

sound samples

awave 30 day free trial

artificial intelligence

Tunings For Oud and Cumbus
by David Brown
Start at string number 6 or your lowest pitch (and the thickest)
Standard Egyptian/Arab: D G A D G C
Old Turkish Classical: A D E A D G (most instruments will need a heavier gauge
string set for this specific tuning). New Turkish Classical: F# B E A D G Turkish/Armenian: E A B E A D Turkish/Armenian Variant: C# F# B E A D Standard Cumbus: D E A D G C Cumbus can also use any Oud tuning

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Seamus Heaney on poetry and teaching it, with an excerpt of Shakespearean proportion
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometimes voices,
That, if I then had wak'd after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again.

"Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not": that, as a description of the good of poetry and of literature in general, will do. It is not required that the experience of the sounds change Caliban into another kind of creature, or that it have a carryover effect upon his behaviour. The good of literature and of music is first and foremost in the thing itself and their first principle is that which William Wordsworth called in his Preface to Lyrical Ballads "the grand elementary principle of pleasure", the kind of pleasure about which the language itself prompts us to say, "It did me good."

J.G.Ballard - Reviews - Aldous Huxley: An English Intellectual by Nicholas Murray and sank into his final coma still moving confidently towards the light. I like to think that he was curious to see how his perception of his own death would be transformed by the hallucinogenic drug, and that his ever-questioning intelligence was alive to the end.

blindfolded Walker Lindh {looks like....uhhh...looks a little like....uhhmmm....beginning to look a lot like, sing it kids! it's beginning to look a lot like _____mas!

Royal Journal | Japanese George W. Bush Look-A-Like{one time when I was a garbage collector at the college I went to I found a trash can half filled with stolen envelopes that had all been opened. I never really found anyone who understand how fascinating that was to me. and here is this site here with a filtered bunch of just that, tho I also like the regular daytoday stuff but who collects notes of the normal?}

nicotine at the non-verbal dictionary Usage II: According to a 1999 World Health Organization estimate, there are four million deaths a year from tobacco. Based on present smoking trends, tobacco is predicted to be the leading cause of disease in the world, causing ca. one in eight deaths

the tower of radiant energy

Kenworth The dispatcher receives information on the driver�s identity, adherence to a predetermined and authorized route, vehicle weight, and other data.

�If a truck is stolen or hijacked, the system allows the truck to be tracked and the driver and cargo found quickly by the authorities,� Bechtold said. �Even if the driver is forced to give a fingerprint, the dispatcher can still disable the truck remotely by using wireless technology.�

HOBO Nickels{ page down

Silicon Valley's Spy Game The Washington Post reported that the federal aviation authorities and two technology companies called Accenture and HNC Software are planning to test at airports a profiling system designed to analyze each passenger's living arrangements, travel and real-estate history, along with a great deal of demographic, financial and other personal information. Using data-mining and predictive software, the government then plans to assign each passenger a ''threat index'' based on his or her resemblance to a terrorist profile. Passengers with high threat indexes will be flagged as medium or high risks and will be taken aside for special searches and questioning.

Silicon Valley's Spy Game Like the C.I.A., the Office of Homeland Security has concluded that the same technologies that were useful before Sept. 11 for tracking, profiling and targeting potential customers can be turned today on potential terrorists. In the wake of the bursting of the tech bubble and in the thick of the war on terrorism, Silicon Valley is reinventing itself as the new headquarters for the military-technological complex.

satire is open


trippyswell my grandma's house is seven miles away from the wtc. when my aunt came back walking the dogs she gave me some charred paper and a fax from some law firm which flew all the way to midwood. i can't belive they are gone. the first tower was completed in '70, the second in '72. they've been there my entire life.

EAZY E STATEMENT I'm not saying this because I'm looking for a soft cushion wherever I'm heading, I just feel that I've got thousands and thousands of young fans that have to learn about what's real when it comes to AIDS. Like the others before me, I would like to turn my own problem into something good that will reach out to all my homeboys and their kin. Because I want to save their asses before it's too late."

and here I left my al-Kini search for the Voice of the Shuttle's links of puroportedly cool metalinks links

Women in Philosophy This bibliography is a project in collaborative scholarship with a database now containing over 16,000 records representing the work of over 5,000 women

Spoon Home Page Spoon is operated through the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia.

Philosophy Pages . . . from Garth Kemerling
This site offers helpful information for students of the Western philosophical tradition. The elements you will find on this site include:
The Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names.
A survey of the History of Western Philosophy.
A Timeline for the intellectual figures discussed here.
Detailed discussion of several major Philosophers.
Summary treatment of the elementary principles of Logic
A generic Study Guide for students of philosophy.
Links to other philosophy Sites on the Internet.
{concise hits from wide across the field}
An opportunity to download the entire site for personal use

Dame Nature

Philosophers: Main Page This section provides easy access to resources in philosophy, categorized by topic, tradition, or time period. Additional topics areas, including subcategories of the below listed topics, are being defined. To help in this process, please...
{here is critcally examined unbiased knowledge taken in hand like seed corn held for the next season and the taking and holding itself like seed corn held}

Al-Kindi - School_of_Mathematics_and_Statistics
In fact most of al-Kindi's philosophical writings seem designed to show that he believed that the pursuit of philosophy is compatible with orthodox Islam. This would seem to indicate that it is more probably that al-Kindi became ["... the victim of such rivals as the mathematicians Banu Musa and the astrologer Abu Ma'shar. "
It is claimed that the Banu Musa brothers caused al-Kindi to lose favour with al-Mutawakkil to the extent that he had him beaten and gave al-Kindi's library to the Banu Musa brothers.
{site of clarity and scholastic precision}

Philosophers: Main Page Biographies and Brief Reference Sites
{immediate reward. this is wondrous scholarship already}

Philosophers : Yaqub Ibn Ishaq al-Kindi
Abu Yousuf Yaqub Ibn Ishaq al-Kindi was born at Kufa around 800 A.D. His father was an official of Haroon al-Rashid. Al-Kindi was a contemporary of al-Mamun, al-Mu'tasim and al-Mutawakkil and flourished largely at Baghdad. He vas formally employed by Mutawakkil as a calligrapher. On account of his philosophical views, Mutawakkil was annoyed with him and confiscated all his books. These were, however, returned later on.
{thus commence my endeavors toward this mind and this man}

New York Daily News Online | News and Views | Beyond the City | Overheard on Israeli TV Sharon: "Now I want to talk to you. When you do, I don't know how you do it, but do you put everyone to sleep?"
Mofaz: "We're working on that right now, but in any case, it's going to be tough and not simple."
Sharon: "We need to be careful."

Charley Reese Hasn't America always produced great leaders to get us out of the soup? No. Can people lower their own standards so much that they can't recognize greatness? Yes. Will they lose the ability to recognize even mediocrity? You bet. Where do people led by mediocrity end up? On the trash heap of history.

ask dr. andy weil The most common reasons for infection were failure to disinfect the lenses and use of chlorine-release lens disinfection systems, which aren't very effective against that particular organism. :: Questions and Answers Featured Question
Was Allen Ginsberg a vegetarian?
Submitted By
Hector Morez

Although Ginsberg was a practicing Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhism does not require vegetarianism. Ginsberg ate steak on occasion and usually took a tearing bite out of the raw meat to sample it prior to cooking.


Ted Rall Online - columns Ted Rall's new book, a graphic travelogue about his recent coverage of the Afghan war titled "To Afghanistan and Back," hits stores in two weeks. Ordering and review-copy information are available at

Jordan Times: Thursday, April 11, 2002 An Armenian monk was wounded by Israeli gunfire inside the besieged Church of the Nativity compound in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, a church official said

Nuclear-Tipped Interceptors Studied ( "When you actually look at the question, you find that it takes a very large warhead -- more than a megaton -- to destroy anthrax spores in bomblets that may be spread over a distance of five kilometers or more," he said.
"Worse, there are hundreds of civilian satellites as well as many U.S. military satellites vital to our national security that would be imperiled by nuclear explosions. And there are electromagnetic pulse vulnerabilities in an advanced society such as ours that would occur to any point within line-of-sight of the nuclear explosions."
{You know what it's like? it's like listening to a bunch of fourth-graders talk about Osama bin Laden. Parrot voices squawk the scraps of adult bluster they hear at home. These men know nothing literally nothing of where they are or what they so arrogantly toy with. the web of life is ravelling all around us and these little boys take out their hairless little penises and boast.} - Tiger seized from back yard of home Osborne has had Colby since he was a 6-month-old cub. He has kept him at his home for almost three years.
Osborne, who also has owned a cougar, said he expanded a room at his house to hold Colby and installed electrical fencing in his back yard. He said Colby has never tried to escape and has been gentle with his dogs and the few neighborhood kids who have been allowed to pet him.
{ah, ok. but. the whole story reads like a stealth zoo thing and then at the end little Katie has seen the tiger for the first time, but the neighbor kids have been petting it? for three years? the folks don't know next-door but...? ok so it's a trivial little human interest thing. but it's the mentality behind it and the editorial mind behind it and the readership behind it. the entire context in which this story appears, so full of illogic and cutesy sweetness and protective something and it's all horseshit really. false and misleading horseshit.}

By-the-wind-sailors cover Stinson's four beaches Typically, by-the-wind-sailor blooms can occur anytime during spring upwellings, but by late May or early June, the blooming subsides and most of the creatures die off, he said. "I�d say 99.5 percent of them die within a couple of days," Ueber added. "You wouldn�t want to be one."
{You're right Mr. Ueber, I'd much rather be Donald Rumsfeld}

Google Web APIs - Home With the Google Web APIs service, software developers can query more than 2 billion web documents directly from their own computer programs.
{why does this make me sad? not a lot sad, a little. because I'm looking through the big plate glass and the store's closed and it's gonna be a long night and I would so much like to be in that world that's signified by these things in the display? yeah I think it's something like that.}

The Pressure Is On to Play the Oil Card On Monday, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein announced that his country was suspending the export of its oil for 30 days or until Israel ends its incursion into Palestinian territories. But Saudi Arabia--OPEC's largest producer--says it opposes using oil as a weapon and, on Tuesday, announced that it will ensure that consuming nations have enough supply to make up for the losses caused by Iraq. Iraq is the sixth-largest oil supplier to the U.S., providing about 9% of U.S. oil imports.
{I know I act like I know what's going on....but hey. I don't. Not really. Aren't we doing all kinds of stuff to this guy? And the children of his country? Aren't we gonna go in there and fry his ass to nothing? It's like a cop buying crack from some middleweight player. bleaagghh.}

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