...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



The Sacramento Bee -- -- Unassuming bush may be world's oldest living thing beats sex with a goat as far as news go eh?

Jordan Times (Home News Section)

Opine Bovine: What a Silly Cow rara avis a mentally healthy blogmaker. cute and married and she met her husband


SUPERB!! SUPREME!!! Cylinders of the Month Archive You can take them home and listen to them all day long!!! - 01/97 Cylinder of the Month with real music!!

bible only! bible only! one two a customer! no wait I meant one TO a customer! eiffel tower today! bible only! bible only! right now! ok!
end-of-the-world savings!! right now!! ok! thanks fred and lynda

Googlewhacking: The Search for The One True Googlewhack my clade dances the young ones dance faster than we old now but we all dance all of us around this same fire dancing

E V H E A D blogging duke and earl site

AA Deprogramming Mission I tried for years to live according to everyone else's morality.
I tried to live like everyone else, to be like everyone else.
I said the right things even when I felt and thought quite differently.
And the result is a catastrophe.
-Albert Camus

ae : words
I dream of:
Going back to Paris soon

[ involution : A N 0 D Y N E : brain relief for the pharmacopacetic populace ] "it seems we're going to have to relinquish some of our freedoms for a short period of time."
American Stars and Bars, indeed

prescience Our favourite links

[ involution : A N 0 D Y N E : brain relief for the pharmacopacetic populace ] I don't regret any of my past drug experiences. Except for the heroin. That I regret. Every day. A lot. It's such a dull earthbound consciousness-unexpanding waste of time and money. It would be regrettable even if it WAS a fantastic mindblowing experience that only barely justified its attendant woes. But it wasn't even that, for Pete's sake. Just a drug that makes you stop worrying about things and feel stupidly happy - and if you want to feel that way, you can just get into television and it's a lot cheaper.

But anyway.

Stephen King to hang up his pen because he's just repeating himself


concept of the day:
the self, aware.

the mystery of the self. not the cosmic what am I, who, and what am I doing, but the center of consciousness, the thing at the heart of percieving. What is that? How come it's there? The science boys have no rational explanation for it. The monitor/CPU configuration doesn't get it. From the outside yes that a system this complex would need some kind of brain some kind of center. but that doesn't explain the MEness, the I AM HERE part. I was standing in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil and I felt it again, like the old days, that spark of thrilling rightness, the ineluctable, irreducible, unnameable thereness of here. Me. Now. I can't explain it except as fragmented God. Pieces broken off, trying to become whole again. Or gathering in from the last big bang? I have no firm theory. But like the micro-infinite, it gooses my bean.

word of the day:

Orion > Ad Absurdom The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture is planning to poison "6 million blackbirds to reduce damage to sunflower crops in the Upper Midwest" says the Minneapolis Star-Tribune 9/29. The plan, which must still undergo environmental review, would put poisoned rice in fields during the spring migration and is "one of the largest bird-killing efforts undertaken" by the USDA

Coverage of the Inevitable Apocalypso You have to have a blind faith in yourself, then you will stop being blind ... You know that Germany needs people who have energy and blind self-confidence. Austria is at an end, but not Germany," the book passage stated. Hitler was born in Austria.
Post believes that passage was based on the German Pasewalk Military Hospital notes and records of Weiss' friend, Dr. Edmund Forster, chief of the Berlin University Nerve Clinic, who treated Hitler at Pasewalk in 1918

Standard Model In Trouble Again: Berkeley Lab Theory "Until this new physics is known, we cannot predict the Higgs particle mass except for the general statement that it is at or below the trillion electron volt (TeV) scale."
Chanowitz says that the Large Hadron Collider, which is scheduled to begin operations at CERN in 2005 and will smash together protons in the multi-TeV energy range, is likely to provide answers to the questions posed by his Lose-Lose Theorem

Schizophrenia Linked To Defect In Prefrontal Cortex chemical visions and cortical misfiring

Homo sapiens Darwin Dai and !Kung

VLT Images the Horsehead Nebula (ESO PR Photos 02a-b/02) incredible horsehead nebula images up to 4.7 megs

Telemorphic, Inc. Home possible map fun

hi there ellen has won all our hearts

Running Finally Proves Its Worth

Battery Behind the Shoji Screen
Hiroko Sato once told reporters that she had been beaten repeatedly by her husband, former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato, who in 1974 received Japan's only Nobel Peace Prize


Grab a Rifle second amendment to what?

MATT DRUDGE // DRUDGE REPORT 2002� tit for tat

UNDERNEWS: The daily news service of the Progressive Review, Washington's most unofficial source
Government payments account for 30% of the gross incomes of wheat farms and 20% of revenue for other grains and soybeans.
||| NATIONAL FARMERS UNION - While net farm income is expected to decline 20%, agribusiness giant Cargill, Inc., is enjoying a 51% increase in earnings compared to a year ago.
"Something is definitely wrong with this picture," National Farmers Union President Leland Swenson today told delegates to the National Farmers Organization convention. "While farmers have experienced a five-year economic slump, some large agribusinesses are profiting from low prices farmers must take for the commodities they produce." . . . Swenson pointed out that while Cargill now employs 90,000 people, more than three times that many U.S. farmers will lose their jobs in the next ten years, according to the latest U.S. Department of Labor report.



concept of the day:

this is a hard one for most minds to get all the way around, I keep seeing little paisley vortex thingies but of course that's not it. it's infinite all the way through. there's only one macro-infinity. fairly simple to get, rays of light all around going up and away, or out rather, no center to it but the mind that holds the thought, infinite outbound in global expansion. it just goes out and out in all directions. but the other way, the inward and down...really, it's about impossible to hold. the minds who can grasp that in its fullness are the minds I would listen to most.

word of the day:

Atlapedia Online good good tight concise. be nice if it had zoom features as well, eh? Style Comics- Trudeau stone foundation Style Comics wiley miller isn't fucking around. now if we could just get people to separte the israelis from the holocaust. they aren't identical you know. the palestinians have more in common with the ghosts of treblinka and dachau, at the moment. there's this sick-minded warp that because of the holocaust anything done by Jews is sacred. safe from evil by virtue of having had evil done to you. well no. it doesn't work that way. at all.


Welcome to CounterPunch
In the power struggle waged within symbolic structures, through which the middle-class's aspiration for increased power has seen itself crushed under the menace of massive poverty, theory has to aim for nourishing the will on its hard path to diminishing and neutralizing interest and gain

Jordan Times (News Section)
US warplanes struck in southern Iraq on Thursday for the third time this week, attacking an anti-aircraft artillery site in Al Faw peninsula, a spokesman for the US Central Command said.

UNDERNEWS: The daily news service of the Progressive Review, Washington's most unofficial source beauty by the numbers, the bestial figures clear, 16-19 72.6.
in line. get in line. get. in. line.
and this from T. Jefferson:
The country is headed toward a single and splendid government of an aristocracy founded on banking institutions and monied incorporations and if this tendency continues it will be the end of freedom and democracy, the few will be ruling and riding over the plundered plowman and the beggar . . . I hope we shall take warning from the example of England and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to trial and bid defiance to the laws of our country. I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies - Thomas Jefferson

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Himalayan ice tells warming story "This is the highest climate record ever retrieved, and it clearly shows a serious warming during the late 20th Century."

BBC News | UK | Bird survey could be Britain's biggest.... The numbers of many familiar garden birds are declining rapidly, and the RSPB says that if this is to be tackled it is important to gather as much information about these birds as possible.
Since the early 1970's the population of song thrushes has fallen by 50%.

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Songbird shows how evolution works

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Paris flood warning "But we've had record rainfall over the last three years and the groundwater levels are already saturated."
He says the authorities should provide guidelines to private companies and individuals living in Paris on what to do if the city is flooded.

United Flight 93 Crash Theory Home Page let's roll those tapes eh?


New Scientist----adult stem cell the god nucleus

Princess Tenko homepagea>

JFDA Annex Photo Index faked YOU out

Irish Times Article - Art that marked me It was something beyond his grasp that he grasped with the still fever of a mortal person with his nose against the window of heaven.

concept of the day: biological divinity

word for the day: ataraxic

TheSpark's IQ TEST


Phoenix New Times | | Calendar Prescott writing

LA Weekly: News Feature: The Myth of Solid Ground earthquake mythology revealed

Pope and company pray for peace and vow never to use God's name as a banner of war. Reuters Photo OK yes but. Probably most if not probably all of these religious leaders sit at the heads of churches who/which gained their prominence in martial fashion. Certainly the Catholic church was a ravenous bloody predator on the poor and indigenous peoples of the world for centuries, and I imagine it's been the same for the others. It's like these yobs of rock that say how great life is now they're clean and sober, after the toxic jet launch that put them in the spotlight. Or in a way it's like how others view the US when we talk or try to talk about scaling back the resource drain. Oh fine for you, you've got your upholstered catbird seat. What are we supposed to do, eat sand?

Mathias Rust Fanclub nothing's ever what it seems

ManassasGuinn bigtime lyric foundry

1913 massacre "favorite" is the wrong word. but it's the Woody Guthrie song I hold the closest


BBC News | ASIA-PACIFIC | Australian press criticises asylum stance the crime of being

This Is London - Galleries John Galliano surges up the green fuse and flowers forth. these are loving images. no duplicity, no secret hate. a love of life, and women, and beauty. (via robotwisdom

Officials: Indonesia Police Shoot Dead Aceh Leader bad guy, right? troublemaking terrorist sympathizer, rebel. But then they called their little nest of vipers the "Free Aceh Movement". That damned word again. Why do they keep using that damned word?


The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Integrity in Science: A CSPI Project

Internuts Peace: something to shoot for."

HSTAA432, Lesson One northwest studies
(Puck Hyah Toot search, Smohallah's nephew

Exhibit Photos and Descriptions Puck Hyah Toot, Smohalla's nephew, this is Hanford, eh? Hanford, Washington?

Julie Saul Gallery bellocq search

Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life Smohalla

Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life Mama, put my cell phone in the ground.
I can't use it anymore

Poe, E.: Near a Raven pi chart effects affect writer, clued to the line by line and still, somewhat dark, a bird, black and so, thus ravening, I mark in singularity for once, free, and Shipley's chimes notwithstanding, unheralded, never twice, more, and more. The odd gets that these bright boys do get to, out, up, and together.

Jordan Times (Opinion Section) remembrance of Dr Martin Luther King, his legacy serves as an important reminder of the need for an active and outspoken defence of civil liberties and civil rights during these difficult days. Too often during times of national crises, the government has used the threat of investigation or actual investigations to silence social justice, civil rights and anti-war advocacy.... The necessary and legitimate war against terrorism should not be used to permanently expand unchecked government power or to diminish the Bill of Rights

Jordan Times (Home News Section) His first novel `The Sons of Al Ghasasena' was published in 1936. The Ghasasena are an Arab Christian tribe, prominent during the Byzantine period in the sixth century AD. The inhabitants of Karak are proud of originating from this tribe and call themselves sons of the Ghasasena.

Jordan Times: Tuesday, January 22, 2002
a. It's Jordan
b. Jordan is like the Switzerland of the Middle East
c. there's only one reason photos like this aren't seen in US media
d. Kesey had some issues with not being published because he was perceived by God knows who as being anti-semitic.

Algorithm makes tongue tree algorithm makes common sense. algorithm makes me nervous. algorithm makes forgery more difficult(but like all such toys the over-reliance on techinical proficiency of machines gives the artful forger an even easier task due to the over-confidence attendant on over-reliance. so after a certain level of skill is reached you get invisibler.

BBC - Radio 1 - Sara Cox Biography because like Everest, like Loch Ness, like the Spanish stairs in Rome, because she's there, she's famous, and I want to.


Hootenanny Contributors melanie rae thon search

king capital forbids the rising tide

Doug Hall gets real

Ann Agee perfect knick-knacks

BBC News | FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT | Inside a Peshawar brothel start here and work back

Jordan Times (Opinion Section) the reason this doesn't appear in the LA Times is....well, they don't have a lot of room there for such trivial stories,what with the Golden Globes and all, same with Yahoo and Newsweek and even Drudge for that matter, and way way way off at the edge has anybody remarked on the drought in Jordan? who cares, right? who cares about anything, right? it's all relative, right? right? Mike? you still there? Mike?

Yahoo! News - Reuters Photo charismatic adorable fatigue

Cartesian Addressing System in the Ancient City nara where the oldest zodiac so far is/has/was been

Center for International Policy


NG London/Exhibitions/Kitaj: In the Aura of C�zanne and Other Masters here is he

July Feature: Great Art Museums Online a place to start The Yates Odyssey Andrea would not let people get close enough," says Marlene ___Wark___, her only good friend through Milby

Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Interview: Tom Paulin by the host, Kirsty ___Wark___, was closer to a pub scrap than the etiquette of the studio

Jordan Times (Opinion Section) Guantanamera, guantanamera. yo soy un hombre sincero. what the fuck is up with that shit?

Argentine BA Herald - SUPLEMENT Cesar Sambataro's Fango Negro. on the bus

Jordan Times: Sunday, January 20, 2002 bulldozer meets rock

Vesalius Image Archive: Vascular Leg simple registration required. free site. anatomical depictions graphically rendered, with a personalizable aspect I'm a little unclear on. EFF add. good knowledge well-delivered. these are the books in the stacks I browse as I walk the aisles. just like the old days in the libraries I found when I was young. these days I'm old. Ah well. back to the fray.....


Tehran Times dangerbum watches the world - charles forman what there should be is some kind of subweb of guys like this. intelligent honest and forward-moving. because they're evolving right along with the technology and it gets bottlenecked just like the technology does. we all get isolated by greed and the dull sludge of the immediate past.

AFP - Worldwide News Agency agence france presse--- the absolute most complete set of media links so far

mark ishikawa mark ishikawa. as opposed to the doglike elliott noss.

The Lolita Problem tucows is dead

Things that happened on Dec. 18 that you never had to memorize in school:
1865: Official ratification of 13th Amendment; legal slavery abolished in U.S.
1917: Prohibition begins.
1922: Nelly Roussel dies. Free thinker, anarchist, feminist. She gave talks throughout France, claiming complete independence for women, founded on new relationships between the sexes.
1922: In Turin, Italy, fascists assassinate 22 workmen, socialists, communists, and anarchists. The anarchist Pietro Ferrero, secretary of the trade union of metallurgists and organizer of the Councilist movement in the factories, is attached to a truck and dragged to his death in the street.

Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan killer statistics

The Hermetic Arts purported official site of the purported order of the golden dawn

Guardian Unlimited Books | Extracts | Savage Girls And Wild Boys: A History Of Feral Children by Michael Newton the only thing we have to fear is feral self

Spin of the Day Mark Crispin Miller examines the growing power of the world's 10 largest media multinationals: AOL Time Warner, Disney, General Electric, News Corporation, Viacom, Vivendi, Sony, Bertelsmann, AT&T and Liberty Media. "The media cartel that keeps us fully entertained and permanently half-informed is always growing here and shriveling there, with certain of its members bulking up while others slowly fall apart or get digested whole," he observes. "But while the players tend to come and go--always with a few exceptions--the overall Leviathan itself keeps getting bigger, louder, brighter, forever taking up more time and space, in every street, in countless homes, in every other head. ... Of all the cartel's dangerous consequences for American society and culture, the worst is its corrosive influence on journalism." Source: The Nation, January 1, 2002

Spin of the Day "The images that streamed from inside Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul were a propaganda dream for the United States government," notes the Independent. "Afghan women, after years of cruel subjugation by the Taliban, were daring to shed their veils and to expose their faces once again to the world and to sunlight." Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first woman ever to become a U.S. fighter pilot,is suing the Pentagon for violating her constitutional rights by forcing her to wear an "abaya," a burqa-like, suffocating, head-to-toe robe that allows no glimpse of flesh and has only two slits for the eyes. The Independent asks: "How can the US continue to require its own servicewomen to cover themselves in the Kingdom, when it is celebrating its success in liberating women from the custom in Afghanistan?"

Spin of the Day "Some of the nation's largest corporate advertisers, seeking greater control over television, are proposing to create their own shows to air on the major broadcast networks," the Los Angeles Times writes. With network advertising revenues down, some TV executives are open to corporate sponsored shows. Both Ford Motor Company and Coca-Cola are developing TV shows to promote their products. Ford's "No Boundaries" premieres on the WB network in March. Coca-Cola's "Stepping Stones" is set for NBC's summer season. Writes the LA Times: "'Blending a commercial message with a program so that the program is the message' offers an advertiser 'a perfect marketing fit,' said Robert Riesenberg,

Spin of the Day PR Watch--- good work


Orion > Thoughts on America - Pope Going by Train to Assisi Il Papa looks better and better as time goes on

Scientific American: Skeptic : The Gradual Illumination of the Mind: February 2002 perhaps we should not be surprised at the results of a 2001 Gallup poll confirming that 45 percent of Americans believe "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so"; 37 percent prefer a blended belief that "human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God guided this process"; and a paltry 12 percent accept the standard scientific theory that "human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God had no part in this process

Scientific American: Feature Article: The Bottleneck: February 2002 Environmentalism is something more central and vastly more important. Its essence has been defined by science in the following way. Earth, unlike the other solar planets, is not in physical equilibrium. It depends on its living shell to create the special conditions on which life is sustainable. The soil, water, and atmosphere of its surface have evolved over hundreds of millions of years to their present condition by the activity of the biosphere, a stupendously complex layer of living creatures whose activities are locked together in precise but tenuous global cycles of energy and transformed organic matter. The biosphere creates our special world anew every day, every minute, and holds it in a unique, shimmering physical disequilibrium. On that disequilibrium the human species is in total thrall. When we alter the biosphere in any direction, we move the environment away from the delicate dance of biology. When we destroy ecosystems and extinguish species, we degrade the greatest heritage this planet has to offer and thereby threaten our own existence.

Scientific American: Feature Article: The Bottleneck: February 2002 Meanwhile the surtax levied on the environment to support China's growth, though rarely entered on the national balance sheets, is escalating to a ruinous level. Among the most telling indicators is the pollution of water. Here is a measure worth pondering. China has in all 50,000 kilometers of major rivers. Of these, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, 80 percent no longer support fish. The Yellow River is dead along much of its course, so fouled with chromium, cadmium, and other toxins from oil refineries, paper mills, and chemical plants as to be unfit for either human consumption or irrigation. Diseases from bacterial and toxic-waste pollution are epidemic.

Scientific American: Feature Article: The Bottleneck: February 2002 The consequences of their reproductive prowess are multiple and deep. The people of the developing countries are already far younger than those in the industrial countries and destined to become more so. The streets of Lagos, Manaus, Karachi, and other cities in the developing world are a sea of children. To an observer fresh from Europe or North America, the crowds give the feel of a gigantic school just let out. In at least 68 of the countries, more than 40 percent of the population is under 15 years of age--e.o. wilson on population dynamics. (Italy has the lowest per cap birth rate???)

Orion > From the Editor saturday morning still in your p.j.'s grumble stumble out to the lawn to get the morning paper. you look over and see the neighbor washing his car. it's like 7:30 or something. stumble grumble back to the kitchen and open the paper to the editorials. or the comix. or the sports section.

or you could read these guys.

Bob Dylan: Chords and Lyrics - Albums thorough intelligent well setup's Bob isn't it? Style Comics bizarro does lawyers


GMS-World japanes satellite color weather image,full globe

significant event imagery well worth the time to investigate

Tennis Ball-Sized Hailstones Lash Australian Coast

three straight weeks and then up on the roof. this is where it gets real. and hard to talk about for me.

navbar Mariko Mori the elton john of performance art

1.edit.giffiona smyth (from Canada!!)

Climate Change
watch these guys closely

Northern Contaminants and Global POPs Program country food!!!!

ICC - Inuit Circumpolar Conference [] still travelling with the esquimeaux

Sweet Hearts by Melanie Rae Thon truth without compromise from this one. the book, 'first,body'.

Troops to Guard Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil armageddon cartoon mammalian rodent in apocalyptic fanfare of bucktoothed simplicity coupled with compassless moronic technological insipidity. not to mention the desperate striving for some kind of tradition that no longer has any substance beyond the electronic hum of transformative ingathering. which is to say putrid and sad without the redemptive aspects of real emotion. a high school bakesale for the wrong team.

Arundhati Roy october 2001----"can India put in a side-request for the extradition of Warren Anderson of the USA? He was Chairman of Union Carbide, responsible for the Bhopal gas leak that killed 16,000 people in 1984. We have collated the necessary evidence. It�s all in the files. Could we have him, please?)"


home : News and Features Mr B the weatherhuman

Child Watch Archives corporations eat while children starve. it really is that simple.

Child Watch Archives corporations eat while children starve. it really is that simple.

Why Grammar is the First Casualty of War Terry Jones himself-the one I always get mixed up with Michael Palin,speaks to the philology of madness disguised as politics.

It's My Flag, Too Barbara Kingsolver waves old glory

Welcome to the Chomsky Archive chomsky at the bit

home page hermafroditas oscuras

New Species Of Conifer Found In Northern Vietnam real people's lives change dramatically with each of these small incremental increases, it's the one way through that just might work, though it seems farfetched and pollyanna-like to me, still..... - Atlanta test-drives the 'Segway' transporter - January 15, 2002 neck and neck with doom itself we ride.......scooters!


Idaho OKs Marijuana With Driving 37 years and a thousand times a thousand lives later

TechTV | Free Download Archive

Hail and Farewell Anthony Lewis' last column after 32 years, and a fine one at that

BBC News | AMERICAS | Bush makes light of pretzel scare huh?

BBC News | HEALTH | Abuse 'triggers schizophrenia' cart meets horse on a one way street at the edge of town


Weird Words: Taghairm send this to Babbs if you find the courage to write at all

World Wide Words

KtB - Sinners & Saintsch. bowden and st cecilia at Killing the Buddha medea benjamin and....

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Antarctic penguins in peril

The Broken Cross? What really IS the "Peace Symbol? cross of nero footprint of the american chicken or semaphore from the past? you decide Lord Buckley build me one

The Atlantic | January 2002 | Burn Your Maps | Leff one of those collective dreams so recognizably true they seem like memories.
via robotbargerwisdomjorn

11.1.02 - The New Offical Website of the N.H.L. THE COW POEM !!!!! SASHA!!! I LOOVVVEEE YOUUUOU!!!!! the cowpoem !!!! kEEP YOUR FUCKING MIND AND HEART WIDE OPEN!!!!!!!!

Google Search: you tell me

Syntrillium Software - Home of Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro

Reviewing FREE audio software, music tools, programs, drum machines, audio, editors, players, file sharing, vst, direct-x plug-ins, synthesizers, sequencers

HammerHead Rhythm Station - Links music stuff over my head behind my house under my thumb out the window with the sun and the moon and the stars everyone sing!

Federal Trade Commission Home Page what did I say? soon I will see this? or never I will see this. I see you never! or soon. I'm a little uncertain at this time.

Metropolis Magazine design designed and redesignated

Need To Know anglophonic techwank sugardriven poseur deflationists

Spin of the Day greenpeace and the unmuzzled dogs of war

NYPress - The Bunker - George Szamuely - Vol. 15, Iss. 2 grassy knob job / Latest News / Northeast / Girl, 9, charged with sexual assault standing tall with America

Welcome to The Other Side current issue of Christian frontline intelligent resistance

The Other Side -- Revelation's Call to Resistance by Wes Howard-Brook cool commie/christian apocalyptic call to arms. off a Brian O'Connor art search


Scientific American: Skeptic : Shermer's Last Law: January 2002 ignore Thor at your own peril

Insurers: WTC Collapse Was One Event Larry Silverstein Herbert Wachtel duke it out with Barry Ostrager

Image Search Engines & Directories - find artwork, photographs and multimedia on the Web - page 2 of 2 some good will come of almost any endeavor at this late date

starski and hunch at C'punch


BBC News | West Asia | Taleban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline Matt Drudge kicks culo mejor with this backdate update flashback to the real

Hummingbirds in Poetry Raphael Carter(who is this person?) on Lawrence's stiff cetacean and Emily Dickinson's hummingbird reeling in remoter atmospheres

The Bible is an antique Volume --
Written by faded Men
At the suggestion of Holy Spectres --
Subjects -- Bethlehem --
Eden -- the ancient Homestead --
Satan -- the Brigadier --
Judas -- the Great Defaulter --
David -- the Troubadour --
Sin -- a distinguished Precipice
Others must resist --
Boys that "believe" are very lonesome --
Other Boys are "lost" --
Had but the Tale a warbling Teller --
All the Boys would come --
Orpheus' sermon captivated --
It did not condemn --


another tale of the sea and the folly of men.
the horror was there already it's the phone and the journalism, the words in print and the invitation to imagine, every day I suppose another one, you could find someone who's compiling them all, but it cheapens the pain which is the vivifying spark, it's the pain that makes it significant, the pain of hearing, the pain of knowing, it's real, a real man, his real son, and the poor sonsabitches in the Coast Guard doing everything they could and LISTENING to their failure.

463 human beings all in one place, instead of strung out along block after block of some urban desert


IPL Pathfinder: Word and Phrase Origins my kind of links list concise anticipatory brief and accurate. yessir

Behind the Name: C EX-TEN-sive rundown readout of name origins and meanings

Addictions & Life Page Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words seems accurate enough on most counts

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