...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



Thirty Lies about Venezuela that Human Rights Watch is telling:

In the six pages that HRW dedicates to Venezuela in its World Report 2014, released this week, it manages to tell at least 30 serious lies, distortions, and omissions. Pointing out these lies is important, because many people believe that HRW is a neutral authority on human rights, and the mainstream press publish articles and headlines based on HRW report conclusions. Here are some of the headlines in both English and Spanish (translated to English) that have come out of the 2014 report
Global Research
Tiresome as it may be - the history of Human Rights Watch is filled with a significant absence of serious reportage about Zionist maneuvers to elide Jewish criminality and distortion, in Palestine and elsewhere.
 I can remember ten or so years ago running into accusations of HRW's Zionist bias, but at the time thinking it was mostly just bigotry and paranoia. Events have subsequently proved otherwise.
One of the things that Chavez and Co. did right away is make the climate in Venezuela very uncomfortable for the affluent elite there, which was affluent purely and simply because of its racist inhuman suck of the energies of the poor majority, before the Bolivarian Revolution.
 After the revolution there were prosecutions and a steady program of return of power to the people, to the shrieking hysterical outrage of the energy vampires. Many of whom were Jews. A disproportionate number of whom were Jews. Who are now fleeing to Spain, evidently.
It's to the credit of the Bolivarians that they didn't create an official climate of anti-Semitism, even with sensible just cause. Maybe Sean Penn had something to do with that.
But the deposed elites who got knocked out of the financial catbird seat have been trying, increasingly desperately, to create an air around conditions in Venezuela of just that. Socialist cannibals who want the hard-earned rewards of superior lives for their own greasy lazy selves.
Only the Jews are stuck, because there's no accusation against their ethnicity, only their criminality. So they can't quite bring it forward into public discourse. Without amplifying the topic themselves.
We're still in this absurd place where Amy Chua can purr Satanically about ethnic superiority, in values and child-rearing, but no sane prominent voice can even begin a discussion about ethnic criminality. Without the squalid images of Jewish suffering being used as a fire-suppressant. Or tear gas.
It's reminds me of that metaphorical dog. The one that got lots of attention when it was a puppy, then grew into a kind of mobile furniture position in the family, taken for granted, fed but ignored, then got hurt, say run over, taken to the vet, and with its leg all bandaged up got lots of that outgrown attention it was craving.
Oh, so that's how you do it.
So now, long after the leg's healed up, when it gets yelled at it starts limping around the house with a pleading look in its eyes.
Another part of the problem I''d like to see brought into open discussion is the recursive rationalization, hidden but common, of otherwise intelligent Jews, that since all these nasty anti-Semites are threatening us so horribly, we're justified in doing the very things they're accusing us of, and then lying about doing them. Because anti-Semitism.
The refusal to allow any polite talk about the legitimate and justifiable accusations behind anti-Jewish sentiment means we're prevented from doing anything about the illegitimate and unjust bigotries that do exist.

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