...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



Recently added Rock hard manhood, multiple explosions and several times more sem...

In Mideast Strife, Bush Sees a Step To Peace
Abramowitz/NYTimes 21.Jul.06
Rice: ceasefire a 'false promise'
Agencies/GuardianUK 21.Jul.06
US, Israel Accused of Appeasing 'Islamic Totalitarians'
Espach/CNSNews 21.Jul.06
U.S. to take more hands-on approach in Mideast
CTV 21.Jul.06
Israel won't talk to Hizbollah via 3rd parties
Arieff/Reuters 21.Jul.06

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