...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



I don't do "Days" but if I don't do Naqba Day I'll feel guilty:

7 years ago or so I was talking to this dude, an acquaintance/family friend of my roommate's at the time, Jewish guy, rode a Harley, had that kind of Ackroyd/Leno vibe, sort of normal tough guy.
I was talking to my roommate a few days before that about Palestine and the behavior of Israel, about how Bin Laden fingered US support and enabling of the Zionist atrocities in Palestine as primary cause of Islamic rage, and my theory at the time, still my theory, that the Iraq invasion was a Zionist thing, a proxy use of people the Zionist Jews had total contempt for, poor Americans, for purposes of conquest and revenge on people the Zionists hated and feared, the Iraqis, and my roommate was all you should talk to A__ cause he knows all about that stuff.
So he was over at the house one day and I asked him about the situation, mentioning that J__ had said he was up on the what's what of that. And he was all oh yeah I got the inside skinny on all that.
So I said so what do you got on the Naqba?
And he was all Naqba? Never heard of it.

An American Jew who prided himself on his knowledge of the contemporary Middle East, and was known in his social circle as being a knowledgeable guy.

Go fuck yourselves.

Calling the illegal houses built on stolen land "settlements" duplicitously co-opts the myth of the American West, the pioneers, Westward Ho!, the settlers, the sod house barbwire cowboy movie wilderness tamers of the 19th century.
It works in some pretty intricate ways, the Indians for instance, Native American savages analog to Palestinian savages, the better use of the land and resources by the more civilized invaders, the tangential narrative position of the invaded, their unimportance to the story except as obstacles to the progress and safety of the invaders, the central narrative position of the invading, their chosen-by-God-ness.
The American fantasy was God would prefer the more civilized Europeans to have the use of the bounty and possibility of the New World. So the story has the "settlers" braving weather and savages as if they're the same things, heartless inhuman dangers that have to be bravely overcome.
And the wilderness tamed and settled.
But those aren't "settlements" they're colonies established by aggression and invasion, illegal now in international law, whatever that means ultimately, but thoroughly immoral from any human perspective no matter what, always.
So no wonder the campaign for "post-humanism" is getting amped up.

Let's get beyond all that old-fashioned right-and-wrong bullshit, it's all and only about what works now, what works for us, the post-humans.

Go fuck yourselves.
Holocaust Denial:

Pretending the Nazi eugenic program was simply a hate machine devoted to extermination of the Jews.

Instead of what it really was - a purging of the inferior to a template of Master Race eugenic superiority, a culling of the infirm the retarded the insane the anatomically grotesque the socialists the communists the queers the Roma...all of them went down before the mighty wheel of Aryan triumph.
Because the goal was to clean up the gene pool, toward the Aryan ideal.
The problem with educating people about what the Nazis were really doing, and why they were doing it, is it's too fucking close to what the Jews are doing today in Israel, and for precisely the same reasons.
Delusional arrogant assumptions of racial superiority.
Delusions of racial superiority confronting the obstacles presented by their subhuman inferiors, necessitating a campaign to exterminate them, to provide the Chosen Ones a nest for the incubation of their rightful, glorious destiny.
It's virtually note for note what the Zionists are trying to accomplish in Israel, right now.
So no wonder it isn't allowed to be seen for what it is.

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