...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



Rachel Corrie was not rational in the moments before her death, she was emotional. She died heroically for what she felt, not what she thought. Though her thoughts were with her heart, it was what she felt that put her in the way of what killed her.
And she was accused of anti-Semitism. Of course she was. Or being a dupe of anti-Semitism.
Her supporters, and her family, in their grief, were accused of anti-Semitism. And still are.
There's a moment coming when a lot of people are going to be saying "Yeah I'm anti-Semitic, so what?"
It's a mistake for decent people to keep pretending there isn't something hiding behind that smokescreen that is cowardly and evil.
Here it is, that cowardice, that smokescreen, in the present, in print:

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