...But of these sophisms and elenchs of merchandise I skill not...
Milton, Areopagitica

Except he had found the
standing sea-rock that even this last
Temptation breaks on; quieter than death but lovelier; peace
that quiets the desire even of praising it.

Jeffers, Meditation On Saviors



now, with G-d’s great mercy, here in America:

Bolivia on Wednesday accused the United States of helping a New York businessman escape from the South American country where he had spent 18 months in prison and was under house arrest for alleged money laundering.
Interior Minister Carlos Romero said Washington orchestrated a clandestine operation that spirited Jacob Ostreicher, 54, out of Bolivia illegally - further clouding what is known about the entrepreneur's surprise getaway.
Ostreicher was arrested for alleged money laundering and connections to drug traffickers related to his purchase of a rice farm in 2008.
Reuters 18.Dec.13
Jacob Ostreicher, an Orthodox Jewish American held captive in Bolivia since June 2011 has made his way to the United States, The Algemeiner has confirmed. A source familiar with efforts to have the businessman released confirmed that an “operation” took place Sunday night that resulted in Ostreicher’s return to his family. In an email circulated to friends and supporters, his nephew Moshe confirmed the news as well. “With happiness, we are informing the community of Israel that our dear uncle… has already left the iron curtain in Bolivia, and is now, with G-d’s great mercy, here in America,” Moshe wrote.
algemeiner 16.Dec.13
No mention in algemeiner of Ostreicher being fingered by Bolivia for drug-money laundering, it's "money laundering and criminal organization".
Contempt for the less-chosen isn't controversial, it's overt, prevalent. The enslavement process as a God-granted gift.
It's still impossible to talk openly in the aboveground about "Kosher Mafia" control of the international drug markets.
There's a line of descent from 19th Century opium trade thru 20th century heroin and cocaine to the present.
The dissonance of the stated aims of the Afghan war, the vertical rise in opium production during that war.
Haiti, lawless, broken, crawling with the desperate and willingly corrupt, as transhipment hub.
The neoliberal opening of Myanmar and now consequent increase in opium production in the Golden Triangle.
Geo-political ugliness, and domestic policies that make no sense on the surface.
The common view, virtual consensus, is some greasy ethnics, not Jews, in the case of cocaine the spics of Latin America, as if South American greaseballs had enough weight to run American drug wholesale operations. Shipment at most.
That shit is internal. Powerful. "American". Likely the same power that has American foreign policy in its grasp.
It's idiotic to assume the illegal drug industry's management is outside the country.
I don't know who the unaware think is supposedly running heroin now, I don't think most people even view it as a business like any other, with hierarchies and concentrations of power. And if they do, probably the Italians.
The disjunct between the people's expressed demand that marijuana be decriminalized and federal refusal to stop the war on weed, the rise of "medical" outlets with the same inflated prices as the underground and the simultaneous fed crackdowns that keep the money big.
There's huge money moving through those systems. Enough money that it makes sense that the drug prohibitions, of the US especially, are being bought and paid for by the wholesalers, while supply continues to meet market demand, with just enough legal impedance to keep the prices artificially jacked.
More on this to come.

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